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Nov 2015
Kartik Singhal
Nov 17 2015 01:46
@jaseemabid had to do stack init before the build step. Do you mean Logger.hs, there is no writer.
This message was deleted
@k4rtik Yes, stack init adds the config file.. We should track that along with project for prefectly reproducible builds. Make sure you use ghc 7.10
Kartik Singhal
Nov 17 2015 17:52

I ended up rewriting most of it using channels. The rational and code can be seen at pull#44.

Missed this because #44 doesn’t exist in vu3rdd repo. Will look at it at night

Jaseem Abid
Nov 17 2015 23:23
Ah. My bad.
Expecting to cleanup the mess in a couple of days.
I’m meeting @vu3rdd tomorrow. IF I WAKE UP ON TIME.