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Hey, I don't want to pollute the issues with commentary: I'm going to be in office tomorrow and I'll print out some of the documentation and do some light editing. I really dig the library so far!
Cool, thank you :pray:
Which btw, I haven't forgotten about! I'm refactoring my codebase from a vanilla JS application to use Vue, so that's got priority right now. But I've marked up what we currently have and have an idea of where to go from here. I'll get a PR in by this weekend so we can collaborate on the progress.
Hey @apertureless sorry I've gone dormant! I had a bit a of a "medical emergency" this week, AKA us health care system sucks and I had a minor scare. I'm still very much interested in helping out
Hey, no pressure man! Oh I've heard obamacare gets abolished.
hah, interesting discussions can be had on that topic of ObamaCare. Looks like the Senate will outright reject the current bill and write their own version to pass back to the house, so we'll see.
I take medication for ADHD and since it's a controlled substance, I ran into some issues getting the prescription filled. So I was in "medical purgatory" as I waited for paperwork to be filed, so for about 36 hours I was without medicine and was given no estimate on when everything would clear
Is anyone there....echo :)
Hello everyone.

Hi, everyone ! I was trying to yarn under source code, but it gives me error:

vue-chartjs on ξ‚  develop is πŸ“¦ v3.4.2 via β¬’ v10.15.3
➜ yarn
yarn install v1.16.0
[1/5] πŸ”  Validating package.json...
[2/5] πŸ”  Resolving packages...
[3/5] 🚚  Fetching packages...
[4/5] πŸ”—  Linking dependencies...
[5/5] πŸ”¨  Building fresh packages...
[1/6] ⠐ fsevents
[-/6] ⠐ waiting...
[3/6] ⠐ chromedriver
[-/6] ⠐ waiting...
warning Error running install script for optional dependency: "/Users/Like/work/vue-chartjs/node_modules/fsevents: Command failed.
Exit code: 1
Command: node install
Directory: /Users/Like/work/vue-chartjs/node_modules/fsevents

Then it hangs forever.
npm i works fine, but it seems break version lock. Babel preset will raise errors when I start dev server.

Search and create your Vue.js code snippets on https://devsheet.com/
Hi, Newb here and to ChartJS/JavaScript. Is this a good place to get some troubleshooting advice and/or help problem solving issues IAM having with ChartJS code? If not could you point me in the right direction? Thanks
Ittai Yam
Hi, is it compatible with Vue3? :)
Terry Bennett

Hello all, i'm researching how to build a multi y axis line chart for my vue/nuxt app. Essentially there is one "Actual" line and this line travels to the middle of the chart. The remaining half of the line would be a new color / dotted "Forcast" line. Additionally I would have a separate "Budget" line that stretches across the same chart.

Does this sound feasible? I've found a few examples but they are not exactly this type of format.

I'm from vue-chart-3
Stack on problem on re-render chart on async loading data