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    There is already an account creation but this is through another interface of the blockchain.

    Nevertheless, you might want to check it out: utopian.io :)

    Davor Grubelić
    will do..
    (I'm just a developer helping out on utopian, so don't worry - just thought you'd might appreciate it)
    Umar Draz
    for this vue-authenticate what passports npm i need to install on my express backend
    Edan Weis
    Until the readme is updated, where can I see a full example of vue-authenticate?
    Florence Comajes
    Hello, Guys I am using vue-authenticate on social networks
    I am now get stuck on getting the data back in the redirectUrl
    I am currently using adonis as a api only
    is it possible / hard to replcae in minimal user/password server api
    Wee Hong
    Hi guysd.
    May I know what does this.$auth.login URL represent?
    Hello all! Just a quick question, does anyone know if this framework works with IdentityServer4 for dotnet core?
    For oAuth
    Phuong Le
    I am integrate Vue-authenticate with ID4
    but I dont know how can handle response from callback
    who can help me?
    Geert Claes
    @edanweis I'd love to see a working example app too. I'm only just starting to understand how oauth2 works. Have you had any luck since you asked your question? I am trying to use vue-authenticate to call Basecamp 3 APIs, has anyone here tried this (or something similar) before?
    Mauro Crociara
    Hi, I just installed vue-authenticate, but I don't know where I have to configure all routes to contact the backend
    The base url is correct
    OK, I just saw there's a requestOptions. Looks like an $http wrapper
    Mauro Crociara
    guys, inside the login i'm doing something like: axios.defaults.headers.common['Authorization'] = JWT ${this.$store.getters.getToken}
    but is not done automatically by login method of vue-authenticate?
    or somewhere?
    Vincent W
    @dgrubelic hi,
    // Define OAuth providers config , what about custom oauth2 provider config struct ?
    Like this ?
      providers: {
        myOauth2: {
          name: 'myOauth2',
          url: '/auth/myOauth2',
          authorizationEndpoint: 'https://www.myOauth2.com/dialog/oauth',
          redirectUri: getRedirectUri('/'),
          requiredUrlParams: ['display', 'scope'],
          scope: ['email'],
          scopeDelimiter: ',',
          display: 'popup',
          oauthType: '2.0',
          popupOptions: { width: 580, height: 400 }
        google: {
          name: 'google',
          url: '/auth/google',
          authorizationEndpoint: 'https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/auth',
          redirectUri: getRedirectUri(),
          requiredUrlParams: ['scope'],
          optionalUrlParams: ['display'],
          scope: ['profile', 'email'],
          scopePrefix: 'openid',
          scopeDelimiter: ' ',
          display: 'popup',
          oauthType: '2.0',
          popupOptions: { width: 452, height: 633 }
    Someone know about that?
    Jacky Alciné
    Marc-André Girard
    Hey is someone still active here to answer questions ?
    Davor Grubelić
    Sure, what troubles you?
    Marc-André Girard
    Never mind I solved my problems by rolling something of my own. I don't want to support oauth yet so I just didn't see how to work easily between Spring boot and the login/password of this plugin. Spring boot does not play well with jwt token the way I had it setup so I'll have to wait before using this plugin
    Edvinas Selskas
    Hi @all. Does this support custom oauth2 providers?
    George Kinsman
    can't see why not
    have you tried?
    Edvinas Selskas
    Just did, and its working out of the box :)
    George Kinsman
    Hi how is this package added to a project?
    Edvinas Selskas
    :wave: is there any other option other than popup for display? For example a redirect
    Hi @dgrubelic - did you get a chance to check my git repo out?
    hey @eselskas can you show me the configuration you created for your custom oauth2 server? because some of my configurations arent being read like the url is always set to "/auth/login"
    Nguyễn Hoàng Trung
    i have some problems don't understand, can someone help me, pls
    this.$store.dispatch("login", { user, requestOptions });
    whats should be there in user and requestOptions for Vuex
    vue-authenticate plugin.
    Alessandro Sanino
    hello guys
    what flow do you usually follow if you need to regiter a user on your SPA from data from various social network (let's take Google as example)
    so ive just figured out how to use aws-amplify's Auth.signIn() method to check a cognito pool. now i have to learn about vuex's state management and how to persist locally. will this package help me get there quicker??
    Davor Grubelić
    Hi @Showcase-Joz this library is for OAuth 1/2 use only. It seems to me that AWS Amplify has it's own authentication flow, so I don't see how could you use this lib with it.