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    Phuong Le
    I am integrate Vue-authenticate with ID4
    but I dont know how can handle response from callback
    who can help me?
    Geert Claes
    @edanweis I'd love to see a working example app too. I'm only just starting to understand how oauth2 works. Have you had any luck since you asked your question? I am trying to use vue-authenticate to call Basecamp 3 APIs, has anyone here tried this (or something similar) before?
    Mauro Crociara
    Hi, I just installed vue-authenticate, but I don't know where I have to configure all routes to contact the backend
    The base url is correct
    OK, I just saw there's a requestOptions. Looks like an $http wrapper
    Mauro Crociara
    guys, inside the login i'm doing something like: axios.defaults.headers.common['Authorization'] = JWT ${this.$store.getters.getToken}
    but is not done automatically by login method of vue-authenticate?
    or somewhere?
    Vincent W
    @dgrubelic hi,
    // Define OAuth providers config , what about custom oauth2 provider config struct ?
    Like this ?
      providers: {
        myOauth2: {
          name: 'myOauth2',
          url: '/auth/myOauth2',
          authorizationEndpoint: 'https://www.myOauth2.com/dialog/oauth',
          redirectUri: getRedirectUri('/'),
          requiredUrlParams: ['display', 'scope'],
          scope: ['email'],
          scopeDelimiter: ',',
          display: 'popup',
          oauthType: '2.0',
          popupOptions: { width: 580, height: 400 }
        google: {
          name: 'google',
          url: '/auth/google',
          authorizationEndpoint: 'https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/auth',
          redirectUri: getRedirectUri(),
          requiredUrlParams: ['scope'],
          optionalUrlParams: ['display'],
          scope: ['profile', 'email'],
          scopePrefix: 'openid',
          scopeDelimiter: ' ',
          display: 'popup',
          oauthType: '2.0',
          popupOptions: { width: 452, height: 633 }
    Someone know about that?
    Jacky Alciné
    Marc-André Girard
    Hey is someone still active here to answer questions ?
    Davor Grubelić
    Sure, what troubles you?
    Marc-André Girard
    Never mind I solved my problems by rolling something of my own. I don't want to support oauth yet so I just didn't see how to work easily between Spring boot and the login/password of this plugin. Spring boot does not play well with jwt token the way I had it setup so I'll have to wait before using this plugin
    Edvinas Selskas
    Hi @all. Does this support custom oauth2 providers?
    George Kinsman
    can't see why not
    have you tried?
    Edvinas Selskas
    Just did, and its working out of the box :)
    George Kinsman
    Hi how is this package added to a project?
    Edvinas Selskas
    :wave: is there any other option other than popup for display? For example a redirect
    Hi @dgrubelic - did you get a chance to check my git repo out?
    hey @eselskas can you show me the configuration you created for your custom oauth2 server? because some of my configurations arent being read like the url is always set to "/auth/login"
    Nguyễn Hoàng Trung
    i have some problems don't understand, can someone help me, pls
    this.$store.dispatch("login", { user, requestOptions });
    whats should be there in user and requestOptions for Vuex
    vue-authenticate plugin.
    Alessandro Sanino
    hello guys
    what flow do you usually follow if you need to regiter a user on your SPA from data from various social network (let's take Google as example)
    so ive just figured out how to use aws-amplify's Auth.signIn() method to check a cognito pool. now i have to learn about vuex's state management and how to persist locally. will this package help me get there quicker??
    Davor Grubelić
    Hi @Showcase-Joz this library is for OAuth 1/2 use only. It seems to me that AWS Amplify has it's own authentication flow, so I don't see how could you use this lib with it.
    Christopher Norkett
    Has anyone setup a provider for Twitch auth?
    Davor Grubelić
    Hi, have you checked their dev docs? https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/authentication
    Since it is OAuth, it is pretty much the same as for any other provider, you just change redirect uri, client_id and client_secret
    Christopher Norkett
    Yes I've been using the docs. I've been able to get it to authenticate. My issue right now is the popup window will get the callback with the auth token and I need to save the token before the window closes. I'm assuming I'll need to use the custom interceptor but any guidance would be appreciated
    Davor Grubelić
    What do you mean "you need to save token"? If authentication went well, you ca get token from $auth instance itself: this.$auth.getToken().
    Christopher Norkett
    When it resolves with twitch it redirects to a url with the token example: https://localhost#access_token=0123456789abcdefghijABCDEFGHIJ
    I want to save the token in the state for future calls
    Christopher Norkett

    All good!

    methods: {
    authenticate: function (provider) {
    var this = this;
    this.$auth.authenticate(provider).then(function () {
    // Execute application logic after successful social authentication

    I needed to add the this_ , I was trying to use this.$auth.getToken() before but it was undefined.

    Kysen Jackman
    Good morning. How to center the auth popup?
    hello! how can I use this plugin in a regular vue import style like this in main.js ? import authenticate from "./plugins/authenticate"; new Vue({
    render: h => h(App)
    Waldemar Enns
    Hey there, i found this module in the official alerta-webui project (Version 7.0). I am using keycloak as my auth provider in alerta. So basically i want to re-use the access_token from keycloak for API requests to another API, i want to integrate in alerta-webui 7.0 - so i coded everything but the token seems to be invalid. So my question is pretty easy: Do i get the id_token or the access_token? I need the access_token. If I get the id_token: How can i manage the auth-configuration of vue-authenticate in alerta-webui so that i get the access_token additionally? Thank's a lot!
    Samy Dindane
    Hi everyone. I managed to have vue-authenticate call my backend with the code, clientId and redirectUri, but I have no information about the user in order to store their access token (after requesting it). How should I go about that?
    I am I supposed to request an access token using the code and return that same token to the client side?
    Samy Dindane
    Ok that seems to be the case.