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    Hi Guys, anyone has working repo example which leverages VUEX and uses vue-authenticate library?
    Hello, is this community and library alive?
    Davor Grubelić
    Probably looks like "no" at the moment. Sorry about that, I just had some other priorities. I'm currently working on refactoring most of infrastructure and demo site that will allow me to quickly develop new stuff.
    Hello, i need some help in vue-authenticate stuff.
    Anyone one available at this moment?
    Milindu Sanoj Kumarage
    Screenshot from 2020-09-15 23-46-58.png
    I'm getting this error when trying to connect with FB auth
    I have CORS setup in my Spring Boot applications to allow all
    Screenshot from 2020-09-15 23-50-19.png
    My backend run on 8080 while the frontend runs on 8081
    What could be the reason I'm getting this error?
    Milindu Sanoj Kumarage
    Screenshot from 2020-09-15 23-54-01.png
    This is my Vue Authentication configuration
    Fahd ADDI

    hey I'm using vue-authenticate to login via facebook/google, I found a problem after signin, I get the acces_token but the tab doesn’t close and return to my page to execute the call back (send the access_token to back_end) instead it redirects to my website (base_use/#access_token=....)

    authenticate: function(provider) {
          let self = this;
          self.$auth.authenticate(provider).then(function() {
            let token = self.$auth.getToken();
              .get("social/auth", {
                params: { token: token, driver: provider }
              .then(function(response) {

    Expected behavior: after succes login with fb, close the tab and execute the code from let token = self.$auth.getToken();
    Actual behavior: after succes login with fb, it redirects back to my website in the new tab without executing the callback

    Hi, I get Request handler instance not found error on my component
    its something with this.$auth.authenticate(provider).then(function () when I try to auth with twitter

    I am using vue-authenticate and this.$auth.authenticate('linkedin') doesn't provide any response. I am able to launch, login and authenticate in new tab but the tab closes after authentication.

    Vue.use(VueAuthenticate, {
    baseUrl: 'http://localhost:8080/',
    providers: {
    linkedin: {
    redirectUri: linkedInAuth.redirectUrl,
    requiredUrlParams: ['scope', 'state'],
    scope: ['r_emailaddress', 'r_liteprofile']

    I'm having an issue where <div v-if="!this.$auth.isAuthenticated()"> isn't updating without reloading the page.
    If I wrap the isAuthenticated() stuff in a v-if="menuOpen" and toggle that, the auth state gets updated
    Andre-John Mas
    Given that Davor is AWOL and that vue-authenticate hasn't been updated in 9 months, I have chosen to make a fork to continue maintenance, until he is available again: https://github.com/ajmas/vue-authenticate
    Contributions are welcome. The main changes here is Vue3 support. I have dropped Vue2 support so continue using the original project if you need that.
    Stepan Kozurak
    Hello, I'm working on LinkedIn authentication. I already got token and i need to get first name and last name. Can anybody told me how can I get these user data?
    authenticate(provider) {
      this.$auth.authenticate(provider).then((response) => {
          url: 'https://api.linkedin.com/v2/me',
          headers: {Authorization: `Bearer ${this.$auth.getToken()}`},
          method: 'GET'
          .then(resp => {
          }).catch(err => {
      }).catch((error) => {
        return Promise.reject(error);
    Sameer Haque
    Hello everyone. can anyone help me how to set the provider for twitt
    Hi there, I use axios to communicate with my backend server. if we dont want to exposed our backend server to everyone, what choice can we do?
    Hussein Galal

    hello I am having an issue when trying to add simple github authentication, I am using a dashboard template and trying to add the vue-authenticate to the Login.vue, here are my main.ts and Login.vue


    import VueAxios from 'vue-axios'
    import VueAuthenticate from 'vue-authenticate'
    import axios from 'axios';
    import { createApp } from "vue";
    import VueApexCharts from "vue3-apexcharts";
    import DashboardLayout from "./components/DashboardLayout.vue";
    import EmptyLayout from "./components/EmptyLayout.vue";
    import "./assets/tailwind.css";
    import App from "./App.vue";
    import router from "./router";
    const app = createApp(App);
    app.component("default-layout", DashboardLayout);
    app.component("empty-layout", EmptyLayout);
    app.use(VueAxios, axios);
    app.use(VueAuthenticate, {
        baseUrl: "http://localhost:3000", // Your API domain
        providers: {
            github: {
                clientId: "c04d52b64abcd1366f76",
                redirectUri: "http://localhost:9000/auth/callback",


    // import GitHub from "github-api";
    export default {
      name: "LoginView",
      methods: {
        authenticate(provider) {
            .then(function () {
              // Execute application logic after successful social authentication
            .catch((err) => console.log);
      ready() {
        // // unauthenticated client
        // const gh = new GitHub();
        // let gist = gh.getGist(); // not a gist yet
        // gist
        //   .create({
        //     public: true,
        //     description: "My first gist",
        //     files: {
        //       "file1.txt": {
        //         content: "Aren't gists great!"
        //       }
        //     }
        //   })
        //   .then(function({ data }) {
        //     // Promises!
        //     let createdGist = data;
        //     return gist.read();
        //   })
        //   .then(function({ data }) {
        //     let retrievedGist = data;
        //     // do interesting things
        //   });

    I am getting the following error:

    app.js:1457 Uncaught TypeError: Object.defineProperties called on non-object