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Jake Evans
Hi, just wondering if there's a way to make Vue render a tag for component names, rather than just the template contents?
Neil Duffy
@Jake-E does that mean indirect component reference?
Joe Pea
Neil Duffy
typescript....When is the official version released?
Element tree 三级联动点击的时候如何不获取一二级的数据,只点击获取最后一级的数据,去传到后台。
Element tree 三级联动点击的时候如何不获取一二级的数据,只点击获取最后一级的数据,去传到后台。

KB1RD > <@gitter_danilosilvadev:matrix.org> Hi guys i have a very basic question, why items is undefined?

    <li v-for="(item, index) in items" v-bind:key="index">
      {{ item.snippet.title }}

export default {
  name: "VideoList",
  props: {

items is listed as a prop. You'd have to show where you use the VideoList component to find out what the value of items is

Bogdan Chayka
items is a prop, perhaps you pass an empty value?
Neil Duffy
for the component, if you are only defining the prop name, it should be props: ['items']
that's why its undefined
also, make sure its 'bound' from the component parent
Brijesh Soni
I ma new to vue JS can any one help me with the best material so I can start working on the same
Bogdan Chayka

@ibrijeshsoni actually so far i never needed any other resource than the documentation: https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/

or if you want vue with ssr go here: https://nuxtjs.org/guide

Brijesh Soni
Thanks @BogdanChayka, I have created Project and I would to Add .js and .css file(s) in public\index.html
Tugay Yaldız
I just published How to Boost Vue.js Performance 🚀🚀 https://medium.com/@tugayyaldiz/how-to-boost-vue-js-performance-c7df027ff3f5
Error: Cannot find module 'string.prototype.padend' Cannot install for help
@meimeiH emmm, try to padEnd()
Andrius Solopovas

Hi everyone, does anyone know why

    mounted() {
      window.addEventListener('resize', debounce(this.hangleResize, 500))
      window.addEventListener('scroll', debounce(this.hangleScroll, 500))
    destroyed() {
      window.removeEventListener('resize', debounce(this.hangleResize, 500))
      window.removeEventListener('scroll', debounce(this.hangleScroll, 500))

does not update vue.devtools values

Do you mean it do not emit the removeEventListener callback function ?
Joe Pea
@asolopovas no idea what you're asking
Travis Briggs
if anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. I assume it's something simple
Neil Duffy
yea, like you don't know how Vue works :smile:
not that i do either :smirk:
Mohsen Shafiei
a webpack plugin to filter webpack stats
Danilo Silva

Hi guys, i have a component that is receiving a prop array.

      v-for="layout of layouts"


 props: {
    layout: Object

But at the CHILD template when trying to access, is not displaying anything. I already made a console.log that showed the data is there. What is missing?

    <span class="exercise-type-card__title">{{ layout.title }}</span>

PS: layout.title returns nothing.

Victor Toschi
If layout is an object you can remove the {}. It would be something like: :layout="layout"
Danilo Silva
got it
Olonilua Olalekan

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I want to configure idletime from the component level , and rewrite onIdle action for each component.
it doesn't work when I call onIdle in a component it just work in the main.js. sorry for bad english

// this works in main.js but not in component eg: test.vue

const eventsHub = new Vue()

Vue.use(IdleVue, {
eventEmitter: eventsHub,
idleTime: 10000
how can I achieve that ? thanks

Hi everyone
IDK why I am having such trouble thinking of how to make use of Facebook's SDK
beforeMount: function () { this.$loadScript('https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js') .then((res) => { console.log('LOADED SUCCESSFULLY', res) }) .catch((err) => { console.log(err) }) },
it loads, but how to make use of it ???
{ _isComponent:true,
eventEmitter: eventsHub,
idleTime: 10000
@carrowheap you can try
In the source code of Vue , there's a function of initMixin,
Anyone help me out with this one lol
Danilo Silva

Yo guys, im helping with a project that has a strange way of create types. It doesnt uses TS, but is giving types using classes like this, mostly to Vuex.

class Exercise {
  constructor (id, type, title) {
    this.id = id
    this.type = type
    this.title = title

module.exports = Exercise

module.exports = Activity

and to call it

...exercise: new Exercise(null, card.type, 'Exercise Title')

Is this a good pratice? make sense to do this?

Thomas Piekarski
Looks quite interesting, I am curios about the opinion of other people as well.
IMHO this makes sense, but why are you not using TS?
Danilo Silva
My company hates TS and don't let me use
im not sure why
Neil Duffy
TS was born from microsoft, enough said