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    fix: allow more enumerated valu… (compare)

How to create an HTML file which works locally without internet to image to text ? Ex: and
Jeric Santos
Hello Guys.
Im running a Vue.js app with Google maps in a docker container. But it is giving me an error that my key is invalid when it is inside the container.
I Just Want To Ask If Someone Encountered The Same Issue As Mine.
Hi everyone, Can anyone share their perspective on why project issues are discussed here in Gitter instead of under the comments section of the issue report in the GitHub issue tracker?

Hey @crswll im looking into disabling <transition-group> from our e2e -

In what file do you set this?

```if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'testing') {
const div = {
functional: true,
render: (h, { data, children }) => h('div', data, children),

Vue.component('transition', div)
Vue.component('transition-group', div)

is it in vue.config.js
I'm migrating a component from a Vue cli app into a Symfony app using Vue that uses webpack. When compiling the Vue app, this new component gives a compile error. It looks like it's not recognizing return <div>hi</div> as correct syntax. In the Vue cli app it compiles no problem. What am I missing? Some webpack settings? Error is Syntax Error: Unexpected token and goes away if I replace the line with return ""
FIXED: Vue.js installed via vue cli has built-in JSX support, which I thought was standard. Well, not if you install Vue via the Symfony recommended way. JSX is not supported and must be enabled (and a few npm packages installed). Holy shit that took way longer to figure out than I expected. I did not even think Vue could lack JSX support, but there's that. Phew!
Om Prakash
how to call http call using onrequest method in firebase cloudfunctions

Hey! New to Vue but I'm really enjoying it.

I have a question. I'm using bootstrap-vue, specifically the b-tab component to create a dashboard.

I want to limit the number of API requests made to the server to only the data in the current active tab. I'm not sure how to achieve this. Any ideas?


Hi all I have a problem with router on my app. Actually it works fine but I receive warning and error in console
vue-router.esm.js?8c4f:16 [vue-router] uncaught error during route navigation:
Error: Navigation aborted from "/" to "/users" via a navigation guard.

Does anyone have a clue what it could be. What am I doing is

            path: '/users',
            component: Users,
            meta: { requiresAuth: true },
            beforeEnter: (to, from, next) => {
                if (!store.getters.isPremium) {
                } else {

hi guys :wave:

I've created a scrum agile retrospective app for your team!

hope this can help your team during the corona. It support remote sessions with socket.

2 replies
Matt Benson
hello all, [I think] I have adopted the advice of several online articles regarding code splitting in a Vue.js SPA. I am using vue-router and several of my components seem to be great candidates for lazy loading. I have converted some of these to e.g. () => import('./FooComponent'). I have additionally confirmed that my .babelrc includes the plugin entry @babel/syntax-dynamic-import and adopted (in my webpack.config.js) the splitChunks change from vuejs/vue-cli@4db901c but when I build, my components are still not splitting off new js files. Any ideas?
could you tell me to implement the best way of a dynamic component with data?

kwozniak > <> Can anybody help me here -

Maybe you should use purgecss as nuxt module?

kwozniak > <> Can anybody help me here -
Diego Alvarez S.
does anybody have a biolerplate or something like that to start with vue3 + router + vuex + ts?

I tried starting a project with vue-cli with this preset:

? Check the features needed for your project: Babel, TS, Router, Vuex, CSS Pre-processors, Linter
? Use class-style component syntax? No
? Use Babel alongside TypeScript (required for modern mode, auto-detected polyfills, transpiling JSX)? Yes
? Use history mode for router? (Requires proper server setup for index fallback in production) Yes
? Pick a CSS pre-processor (PostCSS, Autoprefixer and CSS Modules are supported by default): Sass/SCSS (with dart-sass)
? Pick a linter / formatter config: Prettier
? Pick additional lint features: Lint on save
? Where do you prefer placing config for Babel, ESLint, etc.? In dedicated config files

And then added vue-cli-plugin-vue-next

But I'm getting these errors on build:
ERROR in /home/dialvarezs/_tests/vue-next/src/router/index.ts(1,10):
1:10 Module '"../../node_modules/vue-router/dist/vue-router"' has no exported member 'RouteConfig'.
  > 1 | import { RouteConfig, createRouter, createWebHistory } from "vue-router";
      |          ^
    2 | import Home from "../views/Home.vue";
    3 | 
    4 | const routes: Array<RouteConfig> = [

 error  in /home/dialvarezs/_tests/vue-next/src/shims-tsx.d.ts

ERROR in /home/dialvarezs/_tests/vue-next/src/shims-tsx.d.ts(8,36):
8:36 Cannot use namespace 'Vue' as a type.
     6 |     interface Element extends VNode {}
     7 |     // tslint:disable no-empty-interface
  >  8 |     interface ElementClass extends Vue {}
       |                                    ^
     9 |     interface IntrinsicElements {
    10 |       [elem: string]: any;
    11 |     }

 error  in /home/dialvarezs/_tests/vue-next/src/shims-tsx.d.ts

ERROR in /home/dialvarezs/_tests/vue-next/src/shims-tsx.d.ts(10,7):
10:7 Duplicate string index signature.
     8 |     interface ElementClass extends Vue {}
     9 |     interface IntrinsicElements {
  > 10 |       [elem: string]: any;
       |       ^
    11 |     }
    12 |   }
    13 | }

 error  in /home/dialvarezs/_tests/vue-next/src/store/index.ts

ERROR in /home/dialvarezs/_tests/vue-next/src/store/index.ts(3,21):
3:21 Property 'createStore' does not exist on type '{ Store: typeof Store; mapState: Mapper<Computed> & MapperWithNamespace<Computed> & MapperForState & MapperForStateWithNamespace; ... 4 more ...; createLogger: <S>(option?: LoggerOption<...> | undefined) => Plugin<...>; }'.
    1 | import Vuex from "vuex";
    2 | 
  > 3 | export default Vuex.createStore({
      |                     ^
    4 |   state: {},
    5 |   mutations: {},
    6 |   actions: {},

 ERROR  Build failed with errors.
Hi .Does anybody use bootstrap-vue? I have a problem Accordion and collapse are not animated in my app. I try copy code from the example page everything works good but animation doesn't work version bootstrap-vue 2.15 (last stable)
Ali Akhtar
I'm using websockets for all communication in my app - sending data from multiple views, need to always show a connected / disconnected indicator
What's the best way of doing this?
in vue
Please help me out.

I have been struggling with this issue for a day now. I want to make a copy of the store for user into userCopy so that it can be edited by the user without causing a mutation. My problem is that even though I am using the mounted hook, userCopy only returns an empty store state.

Veck Hsiao

Hi Guys, I want to ask a question about the contenteditable span:

<span v-bind:contenteditable="true" @change="changeValue">{{ myValue }}</span>

I found that whenever I input value to the contenteditable span, the method changeValue is not called.
Is that @change not supported to span? Or there is another reason it doesn't work?

The HTML works fine without any issues. However it always plays serm.mp3 instead of the mp3 given in the href link in the datatable. How to pass the value to the model ?? How to pass the src via the datatable link ?? so that mp3 plays in the player. Currently it plays always the serm.mp3 which is hard-coded.
hi everyone
any component similar to react virtualized to generate large tables?
James Wragg
Can anyone point me to current best practice for bundling a vue library with rollup?
Or a good example of an existing library that uses rollup? I understand it has better tree-shaking (than webpack) and can also output es6 modules.
Ahmed ullah
Hello, i want to show a loader for my every axios reques, how can i do this
1 reply
please let me know i add data on fields through browser but when i clicked on login button validation says fields required
please anyone help me there
fields code
hi guys. I have a question. I $emit a value from a push like this $emit('input', mydata.array.push('toto')). I was expecting not to work because push return the new size of the array, but it works just fine, he updated my array in my parent with the new value. How can you explain that i'm just emitting a number (new size of array) and vuejs understand and update my array properly in the parent? Seems like magic lol
Bogdan Chayka
@unsama please share the code on codepen
@fbukevin the change event is supported on input fields, not on a span or div
good luck






<form @submit.prevent="Login" action method="post">
<div class="input-group form-group">
<input @keyup.enter="Login" v-model="email" :class="{ 'is-invalid': $$error }" name="email" type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="Email" />
<div class="invalid-feedback">
<span v-if="!$">Email is required</span>
<div class="input-group form-group">
<input @keyup.enter="Login" v-model="password" :class="{ 'is-invalid': $v.password.$error }" name="password" type="password" class="form-control" placeholder="Password" />
<div class="invalid-feedback">
<span v-if="!$v.password.required">Password is required</span>
<p style="color:red">{{ this.submitstatus }}</p>

<div class="form-group">
<b-button @click="Login" style="background-color:#ffc000 !important">login</b-button>
@BogdanChayka please check the code
you need show javascript code
good luck



Liviu Lupei
Hi everyone, I'm working in the team who created Endtest.
I've dealt with all the possible corner cases for testing VueJS apps, I've join this channel to help others.