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Job details:
We are looking for remote mid and senior-level software engineers to join our team!
We help tech companies scale by building software development teams on remote that are budget-friendly.

We have 40 open positions jobs available right now.
The engineers will be working directly with our clients.

Job Type:
Full-Time, 1-year contracts

Fully 100% Remote

We are looking for:
(List of Job Name with Primary Required Skill and Seniority Level)
Senior PHP Developer
Senior Fullstack Developer (Angular + PHP)(JavaScript)
Middle/Senior Fullstack JavaScript (MEAN) Developer
Senior Fullstack Developer (JavaScript)
Senior Node.js Developer
Senior JavaScript (NodeJS) Developer
Front-end React.Js developer
Full Stack Angular+Node.js (Mid+)
Senior React.js (Architect)
Middle/Senior Python Developer
Senior Java Engineer/Developer
Senior Data Engineer (Java)
Middle/Senior C++ Developer
Middle+/Senior/Lead DevOps Engineer
Senior DevOps Engineer (Azure)
Mobile/AWS Solution Architect (React Native)(JavaScript)
Middle DevOps (Azure+Python(Boto3))
Middle AQA (C#, .Net) (Automation QA (.Net))
Middle to Senior Automation QA (.Net)
Middle/Senior Automation QA (Karate)(Java)
Senior Automation QA (.Net)
Senior Manual QA (Blazemeter)
Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Senior Performance Testing Engineer (Automation QA)
Middle-to-Senior AEM Developer
Senior BA/System Analyst (Business Analyst)
Data Architect (DataScience)
Middle Ruby on Rails Developer
Senior Flutter Developer (Mobile Native iOS)

Additional Requirements:

  • 3+ years of work experience of proven track record
  • Minimum B2 in English
  • Strong collaboration, communication, and organization skills

Payment/Salary range:
€3000-€5500 monthly net

Apply now:
Send your CV with your info here:

3 replies
Hi, I am very interested in your job post
Fathul Bilad
Hello, i want to ask something about this one in photo
how do you access children json object in primevue? i already try blabla.data.data[0].children but this one give me just one children not all of it
thanks in advance
1 reply
Kinda, i personaly look through the thread, but I am not that experianced
Zion Liu.
Zain Ali
Hi everyone, im working on a ssr project in vie 3, node, webpack 4, i'm having problem with vue hydration, there Is some libraries other than nuxt or vite that has some ssr documentation or about Vue hydration more than vue itself ? Could be useful
Isiah cloyd
Running fix bail
sandakelum priyamantha
I come across a nice project - https://github.com/simon987/sist2 and just for reference
Mauro Pérez
Hola algun desarrollador vuejs que hable español. Me puede enviar su CV a mauro@kronogram.cl
Necesito full time, part time
Isiah cloyd
I mean they don't make Saturn gotta switch over Kia does work in spanglish lol
Hello everybody, Does anyone know how I can add data to a table with POST but only to specific records and in a specific column, I want to do it like adding data to the selected records, I am working with the Axios library.
When I select the checkbox, it has to bring me something with which I know that I am going to add its respective data to that column, I can select more than one record.
Once I have already selected my records or the checkbox to which I want to add a new data, that is, when selecting the checkbos my ID should be added to know that I am going to add a new data to that record, simply with this modal I add the log and should be sent to my table in the log column
For example this:
This is the table where I want the data to be added, in the record column if I select the record, that new data must be added to that record.
These are my images.
Chris Steenekamp
Does any one know how to make b-tabs (bootstrap-vue) draggable with vuedraggable?
Fabrice Sznajderman
I have implementing an app based on vueJs (with webpack 4)
When I build app in production mode a message is displayed that indicated that my .js size file is around 1.40MiB..
in message, it is indicate that limit size should be 244Kb
Someone have any advice on how I can reduce size ?
Biswas Sampad
Hi Devs , anyone using toast ui calendar with vue 3 ? i need a little help in configuring the calendar ib my project
can u help me
how to show vue window
hi there, I use axios to request data from Backend in my Vue project, if I dont want my backend sever exposed to global internet, is there any way to prevent it?
8 replies
Innocent Tauzeni
Hie team Wanna import csv file to firebase using form but am facing big challenge to do that am using nuxtjs help me please

Hi Everyone, LinkedIn is hiring a Software Engineer - Android. Anywhere in the US, full time.

In this role, you will design and execute user-facing features for the native LinkedIn app as well as LinkedIn Learning app on Android devices, by leveraging mobile operating system frameworks for multi-threading, persisting data, and managing user experience and graphics across multiple screen sizes.

Key Skills: API, Android, OOP, (MVC/MVVM/MVP), Data structures and Algorithms

Please send your resume directly at masundaray@linkedin.com, or ping me if you have any queries.

It is possible to post your packages directly in the project. For downloading and installation, a special php file is used called Manage.php. https://youtu.be/i8W18acIAGw
We are looking for vue developers with 4+ years experience. Anyone interested? Please DM me
1 reply
Pascal Brewing
because you code is 4 years old ?
Jeff Sharn
hey VueJS fam, what should we use to build automated end-to-end cross-browser tests?
we want the tests to run on all major browsers (including Safari) and we have scenarios that involve multiple browser tabs
we're looking at endtest.io right now, but I want to have a few other options
How to create and save value in cookie and retrieve the value via Javascript?
1 reply
Fabrice Sznajderman
Hi !
I faced with an issue on project based on Vite et VueJs
Someone has an idea about this error message :
[ERROR] No matching export in "node_modules/vue/dist/vue.runtime.esm-bundler.js" for import "default"
  6import Vue from 'vue';
Many thanks for your help
HI. Im facing with issue flashing images after VueAPP is initialized (images is reloaded). How to avoid this issue?
Hi, how can i send mail with nuxt 3 ? Regards

Simple implementation of BEM in Vue 3.x, helps you use the BEM specification more concisely in vue3.

vue3-bem is also very easy to use. As shown below.

// .vue
  <div :class="bem('elem', 'selected')"></div>

<script lang="ts" bem-block="tip">
// do some thing

<style lang="less"> 
.tip {
  &__elem {
    &--selected {

xhr.open('POST', "employee.jsp?empId=123", true);

xhr.send(params); where params is 'empId=123'
Not sure what is the different between the two.

Can someone please explain.