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phpstrom 怎么新建 .vue 文件呢
html 文件用vue 插件 报错 怎么回事啊大佬们?
<script src="https://unpkg.com/http-vue-loader@1.4.2/src/httpVueLoader.js"></script>
怎么一直报这个错 谁用过 httpVueLoader 啊 大佬们
Hi guys, how to extend the properties of vue itself in typescript? In addition to data, methods, props, add another.
I used some frameworks, it extended the options attribute in it.
Maybe I am reading it wrong but, extending the class should have access to public/protected properties .
Ah that extend, sorry I would not know, I never used it this way before but maybe someone else can help :)
OK, thanks.
This frame is so weird🤣🤣

How to make the language as English in this javascript app?

I come across this beautiful electron app - https://github.com/c10342/player The locale is being configured in player-master\src\renderer\lang\index.js

The toggle of language works fine on clicking language button from chinese to english.

Is it possible to make the default language as english on startup? i tried with index.js but not successfull.

Thanks in advance

Can somone please kindly share me some real time deadlock use cases - real time example - not just like one resource held another and another tries to acquire the lock and causes deadlock.
Guys, do you know how to solve the registration problem when you know the data used in
Jakub Z
Hi. I have some data stored in a pinia store. There are values which are related, one is dependent on the other. The dependentValue which needs to be editable but also has to include the baseValue as a token. Each time the user changes the baseValue the dependentValue needs to account for the change. Can I achieve that setting up something inside the store?

    <input v-model="store.baseValue" />

    <div> the following value is related to baseValue but also needs to be editable </div>
    <input v-model="store.dependentValue" />

Jakub Z
I could try subscribing the store to itself but does it make actual sense? Or is there another method to do it ?
Jakub Z
I guess an action to change the baseValue is the way to go
3 replies
what are the differences between Encache vs Spring Cache?

Five Cases Of Encoding - Which One is Best Approach

I have a password which has plus value in the front and fails or missed out when it is sends as a request parameter. On reading/searching internet i observed we can solve the problem via the following

a. encode in front-end - (ex: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53546691/preserving-plus-sign-in-urlencoded-http-post-request)
b. encode in back-end - (ex: extends ClientHttpRequestInterceptor and add functionality)
c. convert the password to base64url in front-end and pass and do the decode in the back-end
d. send the password in request body instead of request parameter
e. send the hash value instead of actual value as hash will not have any plus or special characters


1 reply
@boboobob:matrix.org How to send salted hash from your front to your back without url as parameter or without the request body?
5 replies
What is the best open source tool/software for performance verfiying to identify performance bugs in Java?
In java ? 🤨 or javascript ???
@boboobob:matrix.org in java?
I ask because this room is about vueJS , in JavaScript. So I don't think you will have a lots of responses. ☺️

Text Over Image with Java Web Application


I want to display an image in the web application where user can add text on the image.

Finally i need to save in DB, later user has to view the editable text and edit if required

How to achieve this in java web application - UI? back-end? DB (json or image or co-ordinates) ?

Does any opensource can be used in all the levels? Can someone suggest some comments/feedback

1 reply
gm everyone
Joy Ayitey
@learnerjava830: I want to say, it's not a good practice to ask a question on a public room like that AND at the same time to start a private conversation with me, without asking, with the same question. 😠
I don't work for you, sorry guys.
But I hope someone has the response.
@boboobob:matrix.org sure and have deleted it.
No draft, what should I do
Hi, how are you?
Is there any one who have used vux package ?

Problem with angular pipes (percent, currency, date) ou are prompted to complete the TransactionDetailsComponent component. You only need modify the template part of the component. The purpose of this component is to display the date, amount, currency and charges associated with a transaction, each in a specific format. You must display 3 divs: The "Fee" div (fresh) The id of this div must be fee. It displays the fee associated with the transaction as a percentage: If there are less than 2 digits for the integer part of the percentage value, you must fill in with leading zeros. If there are less than 2 digits in the decimal part, you must fill with zeros to law. If there are more than 3 digits in the decimal part, you must round to 3 digits. We use a point. as a decimal separator. For example 0.031234 is displayed 03.123%. The "Amount" div The id of this div should be amount. It displays the charge amount and the currency currency of the transaction. the currency symbol associated with the currency code (for example € for EUR) is displayed before the charges. The fees are formatted as follows: If there are less than 9 digits for the whole part, you must fill with leading zeros. the thousands separator must be a comma,. If there are less than 2 digits in the decimal part, you must fill with leading zeros. If there are more than 2 digits in the decimal part, you must round with 2 digits. For example currency = EUR, amount = 312.562 is displayed € 000,000,312.56. The "Time" div (date) The id of this div must be time. The date and time of the transaction must be displayed in this format unusual: 'ww: yyyy MMMMM dd hh-mm-ss' Notes: A "Preview" block is available to allow you to debug your code. It displays your component below. You can open this block and modify it as you like. The "Preview" block is not taken into account in the calculation of the score of your code.

This is my code : my code does not work correctly

1 // Angular 8.x code

2 import { Component, Input, NgModule } from '@angular/core';
3 import { CommonModule } from '@angular/common';
5 @Component({
6 selector:'transaction-component',
7 template: 8 <div id="fee"> 9 {{fee | percent : '2.2-3'}} 10 </div> 11 <div id="amount"> 12 {{amount | currency : currency :'symbol' : '9.2-2'}} 13 </div> 14 <div id="time"> 15 {{timeOfTransaction | date : 'ww: yyyy MMMMM dd hh-mm-ss'}} 16 </div> 17
18 })
19 export class TransactionDetailsComponent {
21 @Input()
22 public currency: string;
24 @Input()
25 public timeOfTransaction: Date;
27 @Input()
28 public amount: number;
30 @Input()
31 public fee: number;
33 }
35 // #region Preview
36 @Component({
37 template: <transaction-component [fee]=0.02 [amount]=123.45 [currency]="'EUR'" [timeOfTransaction]='getPresetDate()'></transaction-component>
38 })
39 export class PreviewComponent {
40 public getPresetDate(){
41 return new Date(1997,6,1,12,32);
42 }
43 }
44 // #endregion Preview
46 // #region Module declaration - Do not Change
47 @NgModule({
48 imports: [CommonModule],
49 declarations: [PreviewComponent, TransactionDetailsComponent],
50 entryComponents: [PreviewComponent]
51 })
52 export class PreviewModule { }
53 // #endregion Module declaration
my code does not work correctly

1 reply
I want the vue component to show the countries with flag.
i got the vue-country-code-select but it is not so good.
Amresh Kumar