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    please tell me how to use
    to do app
    any sample
    Mohammad Kermani
    The new version of the app is under active development. If you want to see it, you can clone the repo and enjoy the app:
    git clone https://github.com/mkermani144/wanna.git
    cd wanna/desktop
    yarn && yarn electron # Or `npm i && npm electron`
    If you want the stable version of the app, it's only available for Linux now. You can download it from releases page of GitHub repo: https://github.com/mkermani144/wanna/releases/tag/beta
    Mohammad Kermani
    I suggest you to give the development version a try. It introduces more features and is more beautiful! :D
    Ask more questions if you have any problem.
    Just Uzair | Nothing
    Heyy @mkermani144 great work buddy on Wanna
    I am happy to contribute to Wanna project in any way, right now looking through few issues to solve. I am a React Dev and an engg student. Nice to meet u :)
    Mohammad Kermani
    @abiduzz420 Thank you. It's good to see another React dev that is also a student. Enjoy contributing to Wanna :wink: :wink:
    Just Uzair | Nothing
    Sure :)
    Just Uzair | Nothing
    Would like to take up this issue : mkermani144/wanna#218
    Just Uzair | Nothing
    would you like me to take up this issue **
    Just Uzair | Nothing
    I have made a PR #252 . I need some assistance in solving the failed checks.
    Slawek Wozniak
    why is there no desktop folder in the directory
    im trying to follow the build instructions
    git clone X
    cd wanna/desktop
    there's no desktop folder
    then ask "how can I build this? I'm actually on windows"
    Slawek Wozniak
    @mkermani144 please help
    @abiduzz420 please help
    Dan Gagliardi
    Nice app, I see a lot of potential. I would like to see a way to quickly add tasks. Maybe add defaults to the settings page? default time for tasks = x min, default due date=2 days, etc.?
    Hi, interesting app, Wanna, but I can look a little error in the interfaz, the menus show "tasks; ideas" in the left.... and "ideas; task" in the dropdown menu...
    its extrain
    another problem is the abrevitation por days
    not are legibles
    M? L? whats say?
    I like me put text in the ideas (links, notes, etc)
    Lucas Zampieri
    Is Wanna dead?
    Im just using it for a few hours and already love it
    how can I resurrect it?