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Jan 2015
Horácio Filho (Fofofly)
Jan 08 2015 00:47 UTC
Can I port your library to Xamarin.Android?
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Horácio Filho (Fofofly)
Jan 08 2015 00:56 UTC
Will be wonderful Xamarin users playing happy with your library :D
Daichi Furiya
Jan 08 2015 06:27 UTC
What do you need in order to use in Xamarin.Android?
Horácio Filho (Fofofly)
Jan 08 2015 12:40 UTC
Bind your library (.jar) in a Xamarin.Android library, this process is described in [], thus C# users will be able to consume your library.
This is a way
The other way is
Translate your Java code to C# according to the singularities of Xamarin.Android
There are some differences between the Java API for Android, and the API used by Xamarin.Android.
But they are minimal :D