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May 2015
Andrew Darqui
May 29 2015 08:02
hey, quick q.. just experimenting with waterlock, well trying to anyway. i'm implementing it in an existing project which was using "stormpath", so it's not a fresh sails app. anyway I disable stormpath etc, installed waterlock as the tutorial suggests. When I hit various routes (with my prefix) ie, GET /v1/ping, it tells me: "You are not permitted to perform this action." which seems right.. however, I can't hit anything in /v1/auth/login for example. I'm unable to POST to create a user.
my config/policies.js is: "*" ['logger', 'sessionAuth']
sorry for the nub q, any idea perhaps? basically /v1/auth/login, /auth/login etc aren't responding.
Andrew Darqui
May 29 2015 08:14
ok just tried it on a fresh sails app.. works fine. So it's probably some kind of pre-existing configuration. ;f
Andrew Darqui
May 29 2015 08:20
ok figured it out.. config/blueprints.js pluralize: true, seems to be the problem.. I have pluralize: true because i'm using that in my api (specifically for ember-data). Any info on how to get that working would be appreciated. goodnight!
Wayne Douglas
May 29 2015 10:03
/auths/login /auths/logout