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Nov 2015
Nov 25 2015 20:24
Hi all, I have a small question. I am using local auth. I have turned off reg during login as this use case doenst work for me. I created a regsiter function in auth controller and this is working. the question i have is... I have a number of other things i need to take from the user in my app during reg e.g. city, name etc. I added these items to user model but the outcome is that this forces the login get to require these fields too... am I putting in wrong controller?
Wayne Douglas
Nov 25 2015 20:29
I would do it in two steps: reg and then hydrate the model with extended info. Srp and all that :)
Nov 25 2015 20:44
ahhh ok, understood
one more question, I noticed with fresh install, if you for example post on /auth/login rather than get, this crashes the sails app. is there something that can be done to prevent this from crashing