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Dec 2015
Mehdi Aïssani
Dec 28 2015 09:37
@tjwebb You are now working on please stop making some advertising on your rival project that you own, if you want people join your project please ask us to create new packages that will work with your framework.
Open-Source is sharing, this is not making the war with an other framework, just because you feel angry about it, because @mikermcneil push you out of Sails project.
I know that ES6 is amazing, i know that your project is based on clean coding, best practices and other good stuff, but please note on this link that even Babel or other transcoding stuff are fully working with ES6, ES6 is not stable at the moment to write productions projects with the risk of core functions changes, 0 day bugs and other stuff like this.
Travis Webb
Dec 28 2015 13:04
I understand the note about advertising, and ill try to communicate in a different way going forward. On es6, its supported natively by node4 LTS (2.5 years of support) and node5, so your claim about it being unstable is not accurate.