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Dec 2015
Travis Webb
Dec 31 2015 02:26
@benedictchen if you look at our roadmap, the project is pre-release. we're releasing 1.0-alpha on January 8, and 1.0-final in April. across all our modules we have over 100 unit tests, and continue to add more every day. our entire company is invested in building trails, and the "work zone" appearance of it will recede quickly starting week after next.
we're launching it the week of the 11th, and I'll be giving talks on it in Detroit, Miami, and LA of that week. if you're in any of those cities, come hang out with your local js group, and I'll be there :) I appreciate the thoughts, and we're obviously in agreement here. the only thing to keep in mind is that, yes, Sails has been around for 3 years and Trails was started 5 weeks ago. we're hell bent on making Trails better, and we can have a different discussion once it's released