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Aug 2016
Belinda Weaver
Aug 31 2016 00:03
Have been talking you up @drjwbaker Loads of interest at ALIA Nat Conference. Doing a cut down LC workshop today
carmi cronje
Aug 31 2016 09:10
@weaverbel Congrats on the ALIA Nat conference, the tweets are positive! I'd love to have a look at your cut down presentation material if possible. I've been given the go ahead to start a small Library Carpentry group at my Library. We'll be discussing things like use cases for LC in our context, but first step will be introducing LC to staff through a series of "Info Clinics" which are 30min presentations. The next step will most likely be running OpenRefine workshops (may need to split the module into 2x 90min beginner and advanced). Hopefully this will lead to a workshop on the regular expressions module which could include more GREL/advanced. What do you think? We're trying to organise the first meeting but I'm already excited!
Juliane Schneider
Aug 31 2016 13:38
So, as we're gearing up as a community to hold more and more LC workshops (yay!), do you think there are some parameters we could/should set on what constitutes a 'workshop' rather than teaching just one of the lessons? I feel like in order to hold a branded LC workshop, at least three of the lessons should be taught. Open Refine was by far the most popular in our workshop, but the command line/shell and git are where the value is at regarding automating tasks and connecting with researchers, so those are extremely important to get out there and teach. Thoughts?
Tim Dennis
Aug 31 2016 17:13
@drjwbaker re:DOIs this sounds good to me, I’d be happy to help if needed
Belinda Weaver
Aug 31 2016 22:51
Hi @drjwbaker @ostephens Given I did Library Carpentry in about an hour at the ALIA conference, I think it went pretty well! All I had time for was a bit of regex, a demo of Open Refine and a demo of counting and mining. But people were really engaged and I had 50 plus there. Everyone said they would use Open Refine and one person said they'd spent a week doing something I did in five minutes in the workshop. Definitely huge interest here and I was even approached about going to the UAE to spread the word. We are unstoppable !
Belinda Weaver
Aug 31 2016 22:57
@ccronje Great stuff. Have come back from Adelaide with a dreadful cold but will be in touch when I feel better. Basically I just had four regex slides, no slides at all for anything else. I just demo'd OR and command line live. I wrote a bash script for the Gulliver transform, but walked people through the script before I ran it. They were amazed at how speedily it ran. You can then take the output into OR for a final cleanup if you want to. I didn't have time, but it is a good way to demo the value.replace GREL function. I think it would be good to have a value.replace exercise for OR. I might draft one @ostephens -what do you think?