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Sep 2016
James Baker
Sep 13 2016 09:08
Plaintext formats is in there and I agree is important. Markdown is perhaps a trickier sell without the use cases to back it up, but that said it is - per @jezcope - an encoding schema with - and I know I'm making a BIG leap here - similarities to XML/HTML. Again, Pandoc comes down to use cases. It took me ages to find one worth the time (md > html for publishing on my blog). I'm minded that we 1) bulk out the plain text bit in the data intro for a bit more on markdown (with links to where to go to learn markdown: along with PH, my favourite cheat sheet; 2) we add Pandoc to the 'other stuff you can do with the shell' bit of the shell lesson. md > pdf for your manager and md > html for your website seem like sells. My only concern here is are we going to run into cross-platform dependency hell?
Mateusz Kuzak
Sep 13 2016 10:49
Agree on cross-platform hell. Things might have changed, but last time I was installing pandoc, it was real challenge, required understanding a lot of haskel ecosystem issues with cabal etc.
Mateusz Kuzak
Sep 13 2016 14:28
is there a place where the library carpentry lesson maintainers are listed?