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Nov 2016
Mateusz Kuzak
Nov 14 2016 06:04
I'll try to do it today, sorry for late response
Brenda Moon
Nov 14 2016 09:43
thanks @mkuzak.
James Baker
Nov 14 2016 09:57
What librarian mailing lists do we use to find out stuff and push out stuff?
Jez Cope
Nov 14 2016 11:26
@drjwbaker Lots of library related lists on
lis-link probably has the widest audience but most noise
Plenty of other more focused groups though
Seems like there ought to be a code4lib UK but I don't think there is right now.
James Baker
Nov 14 2016 12:47
I thought that about c4l a while back.. I pushed the LC call to cilip folks I know but I'm just keen we get on a list or two at the least.
James Baker
Nov 14 2016 15:22
I've opened an issue for judging the workshop call data-lessons/librarycarpentry#13 This should be light (unless we are swamped). I need to folks who can help pick as I'm anticipating many and varied conflicts of interest on this one! Idea if the pick one to fund and then see how we can support the others through other local cash/people mechanisms. Please add your names if you are willing and able to help between 16 Dec and new year Thanks!