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Nov 2016
James Baker
Nov 21 2016 08:08
@ostephens Is there a link to the UCL LD intro?
James Baker
Nov 21 2016 08:14
@weaverbel Belinda. Can you record this somewhere please. Eg data-lessons/librarycarpentry#7 The BIG issue with being standalone - IMO - is that a) we are doing a thing and need to protect the good reputation of the 'Carpentry' name, and yet b) medium to long term we don't have the infrastructure (due to a lack of £ and dedicated person time) to do the thing properly to protect the good reputation of the 'Carpentry' name. Hence the decision data-lessons/librarycarpentry#10 to route workshop requests where possible through SWC, at least in the interim - but we can't be interim forever without being a burden on SWC resources and core mission.
Belinda Weaver
Nov 21 2016 08:50
@drjwbaker Yes, I will record that and thanks for weighing in. And I do hear what you say, but I think we are not a burden giving how much self-organising we actually do - a request via SWC for an Australian workshop actually comes to me and the funding thing may be sorted by getting Library professional associations etc to get behind LC. But these are all ongoing issues and we should keep them in mind. Just going off to nosh after a WHOLE DAY doing an ethics amendment for my MPhil - I think wine may be opened ...
Owen Stephens
Nov 21 2016 09:44
@drjwbaker the intro wasn’t a UCL specific one - it was organised by the CILIP CIG. We did this twice - 2013 & 2015. Slides from the first one available at
James Baker
Nov 21 2016 10:35
@weaverbel Don't disagree. I think between us we'll figure this out! (though the potential heavy lifting in terms of setting A Registered LC Thing up does terrify me a little!). Enjoy the well earned wine.
@ostephens Ta. Were you to do the same again today (with the same title) would you do pretty much the same thing? (I guess the question is, has much changed..)