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Mar 2017
Anelda van der Walt
Mar 21 2017 05:16
@weaverbel On your "draft plan from the National and State Libraries of Australasia for DC/LC roadshow..." Anything you could give a talk about to our libraries in SA that we could maybe get some inspiration from at a more national level? We have several forums where such a talk would be of interest I think?
Belinda Weaver
Mar 21 2017 06:24
Hi @aneldavdw_twitter and @mpfl can we please take roadshow talk into email as it is hush hush at this stage.
@aneldavdw_twitter I did a video call in to Otago University Library yesterday to talk Library Carpentry to their staff and that went over a TREAT. Happy to talk to SA any time. Email me and we can set up a video call to talk options.
@mpfl Am twitter messaging you now
James Baker
Mar 21 2017 07:26
delete roadshow messages?
Matthias Liffers
Mar 21 2017 07:57
Richard Vankoningsveld
Mar 21 2017 10:21
@weaverbel yeah, the cake is pulling me in. Can't fight it ;)
Belinda Weaver
Mar 21 2017 10:45
@richyvk The pressure is now on to top previous year's cakes - Abby from MSL voted us Best. Site. Ever for the first P & P cake, and then they merely liked 2016's offerings (admittedly they did not get to taste) but what can I do in 2017? I just made a very successful Torta di Nocciole but it's not a very camera-friendly cake.
Carlos Martinez
Mar 21 2017 11:15
@jezcope -- great! Good luck to your colleague Beth -- comments, pull requests and cake all very welcome and almost equally appreciated!
Richard Vankoningsveld
Mar 21 2017 23:23
@weaverbel it sounds pretty flash even if it's not photogenic!