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May 2017
Tim Dennis
May 15 2017 16:04
@ostephens no worries, was fun, we should probably put some issues in for the sprint, in not already there, for reformatting the lessons
And as @ccronje indicates have some guidance on what we want
Belinda Weaver
May 15 2017 20:07
Have found a few gotchas teaching today !
Belinda Weaver
May 15 2017 20:14
We need some good examples of real life scenarios for using the shell in a library/archive context
Well done @ccronje et al on the barrage of merges etc. Inbox blowing up with notifications!
betty rozum
May 15 2017 22:04
I’ve signed up at Mozilla for the Sprint - do I just add our site to the Etherpad now and spread the word?