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    Nora Lorinda Nattress
    Hello I am using my integrations and have joined with you through gitter.
    Michael Hausenblas
    hi ho, is this the correct room to ask a question about Scope
    Michael Hausenblas
    Trying again, anyone home here?
    fabio fumarola
    Hung Tran Duc
    Hi all, just a question, I have K8s cluster is running with weave, I have some other nodes which are outside the K8s cluster but they are using the same weave network
    Question: How could I use K8s DNS for the outside nodes
    do I need to self-setup the DNS lookup for the outside nodes or Weave provides that solution?
    Hi, I have built a 5 node Raspberry Pi cluster for my university project, as an overview my project is to demonstrate Consistency, Availability and Partitioning tolerance along with security on embedded systems, I am about to install weavenet on the cluster and my next step will be to research testing methods, would anyone be willing to give me some pointers in effective testing procedures/tools to use against weavenet?