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Repo info
Tiago Santos
Does this plugin support with Pipeline type ?
André Leão
Hello all I'm having a problem with taurus integration with Jenkins I have a test from Jmeter that I call on YAML File and everything runs fine it creates a result xml file but then I need that file
to be recognized by bootstraped multi test Jenkins plugin that generates JUnit reports with handlebars (it basically makes that html blazemeter page inside Jenkins)
But when I point it to the junit-xml file created by taurus I get a java NULL exception as if there is not enough info to create the HTML report pages
The result I need is this
But from the taurus executing a jmx test.
Whoever can help its greatly appreciated
This is the exception
[JUnit test report builder] 0. Found a xml file: JUnitReport.xml
[JUnit test report builder] Generating HTML reports
processing: C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\jobs\JenkinsTraining\builds\145\junit-reports-with-handlebars\xmlData\JUnitReport.xml
[JUnit test report builder] there was an error generating the reports: java.lang.NullPointerException
Build step 'Publish JUnit reports generated with handlebars' changed build result to FAILURE
Finished: FAILURE
Ram Sivasubramaniam
I am trying to use this for parsing my testng-results.xml but i am having some issues with it. I have bunch of other xmls as well in the same folder so is there a way i can tell the plugin to just use only the testng-results.xml and not the others
Bogdan Livadariu
@sramgn just add the tes
testng-results.xml file in the plugin and it should work as expected
@andreleao95_gitlab can you raise an issue on the repo and attach the xml file which causes an exception ?
@odcnre yes, it does support
@veenone I’ll do mu beat to remove the cdn aupport and refer to local libs
alexander matsaylo
hi, I just installed the plugin and ran job which is testNG based
do I need to do some additional settings or it will work as is to see report
Bogdan Livadariu
@alexanderm2018 point the location of the xml result file and you’re good to go
Alin Pana
Hello! I am trying to use this plugin using the JUnitTestReportPublisher report and I have a small issue, the tests name are not displayed in the report, but the number of test is correctly displayed. Do you have any idea why is like that ?
Bogdan Livadariu
hi @qalinn
can you send me a sample of the xml results file ?
Alin Pana
Hi man!
Bogdan Livadariu
if it’s confidential or contains sensitive info
you can sent it in my mailbox
Alin Pana
I have sent you
Bogdan Livadariu
got it :)
Alin Pana
I used before this plugin for the testNg and it worked perfectly
Bogdan Livadariu
I’ll have a peek over the coming days and come up with a fix
Alin Pana
is it an issue ? or it is something wrong on my junit.xml?
Bogdan Livadariu
what version of junit are you using
it’s a long shot but try getting to the latest one if you’re not already there
I haven’t seen many users on junit
Alin Pana
in fact I am running a phpunit tests and I generated the junit report
in junit format report
Bogdan Livadariu
could be due to the generator you’re using
Alin Pana
bin/phpunit --log-junit
but I think the generator is ok
Bogdan Livadariu
if you compare your output of result sample
with a native junit one
I’m sure you can see the diferences
I’ll look over in the next days to see if I can do something about it
Alin Pana
the junit jenkins plugin can deal well with this report
Bogdan Livadariu
ok, the its something on my end
I’ll let you know when I release a fix for it
Alin Pana
thank you very much
Please give me a replay to my mail when you will have it
Bogdan Livadariu


I have an issue with the JUnitTestReportPublisher step in Jenkins. I am invoking the step from a shared library as follows:
step([$class: 'JUnitTestReportPublisher', reportsDirectory: './reports', fileIncludePattern: "${env_vars.JUNIT_REPORT}".toString(), fileExcludePattern: '', markAsUnstable: false, copyHTMLInWorkspace: true ])
The report is created and published with success and the step throws no error, but the Jenkins build fails even though all of the build stages are marked with "SUCCESS". I saw that there have been a few threads on StackOverflow in which is reported that some steps are throwing a silent error in Jenkins (i.e. archiving artifacts) which makes the build to fail even tough all stages are completed successfully. Can this be the case for me too?

Few mentions:

  • The reports folder exists in env.WORKSPACE.
  • env_vars.JUNIT_REPORT = junitreport${env.BUILD_NUMBER}.xml
  • There are no failures in the test suites. Only one test is skipped.
  • If I comment this step, the build passes.

Can you tell me if I am doing something wrong, please? Or how can I deal with this behaviour?

Viacheslav Hunko
I use bootstraped-multi-test-results-report with testng.
My testng-results.xml have <img> tags, how l can display images on page View TestNG Resuts ?
Niall Walsh
Latest version of bootstraped-multi-test-results-report is vulnerable to Log4J exploit:
Running the Jenkins diagnostic command in the script console returns:
Result: (file:/var/lib/jenkins/plugins/bootstraped-multi-test-results-report/WEB-INF/lib/log4j-core-2.6.2.jar <no signer certificates>)
Will have to be downgraded, or uninstalled, until a version with a fix has been released.