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Hi guys,What is the problem: Invalid response received: 429; Too Many Requests, [code:OVER_LIMIT current_limit:{requests_per_unit:1500 unit:MINUTE}]
I'm getting a nullpointer when trying to use ethLogFlowable with a filter, anyone know about that?
I am trying to build this from source but it's not working. What do you need to do in order to build it into a usable jar?
If I can't use the most recent Github version web3j is completely useless to me because the current release version has an issue that requires me to change the source code.
how to get eth_feeHistory
Transfer.sendFundsEIP1559 return Error processing transaction request: Invalid RLP. Does anyone know how to solve it?
Hi Team, Sorry I'm new here but I'm having issues with Web3j , when I connected to Polygon Mumbai network Contract deploys and Contract Writes goes to a Pending State for like 15 -30 min and then disappears, i can read contracts without errors on Polygon , when i connected to Goerli Testnet Network though Deploys and Writes works within seconds , do i have to configure these 2 networks differently? any pointers ?
I've posted this on StackOverflow with more details hope it's ok to link it here for reference - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/70560195/web3j-pending-transactions-on-polygon-mumbai-network-but-works-with-goerli-testn
Soumyajit Samanta
Hi, I am new to web3j and was going through readme and found a wrong link and some incomplete instructions can i raise a issue for this?
I have fix for it as well
Riaz Syed
I see web3j-quorum, web3j & web3j-spring-boot-starter in github
i have tried web3j-quorum, it works,
i would like to know which is latest & preferred lib to work with quorum connecting from spring-java ?
pls suggest
Livingston Antony
how to get token id? after, addNewTokenAndSetThePrice, in android kotlin
Hi, it is mentioned in project readme that web3j works on http and ipc transport , is there any way to connect to remote ethereum nodes using tcp as most nodes may not have http started by default?
Livingston Antony
Where can I get more test ETH? in kovan network

Hi there, did anyone encounter:

A problem was found with the configuration of task ':npmInstall' (type 'NpmInstallTask').
No value has been specified for property 'packageJsonFile'.

The web3j gradle plugin uses old node and solidity gradle plugins, that are only compatible with gradle version 5.x and not 6.x or even 7.x. If you want to be able to use it with at least version 6.x you need to specifically apply newer version of these plugins: node 3.1.1 and solidity 0.3.2

id "org.web3j" version '4.8.8'
id "com.github.node-gradle.node" version '3.1.1'
id "org.web3j.solidity" version '0.3.2'

@kunalbarchha did you figure out how to interact with an ERC1155 from web3j?

Sorry for such a late reply. I did figure out yes. Might need to refresh how I did it, but I did it :-)

Luca Costa
Hi everyone, I noticed this issue has been opened for a year web3j/web3j#1580 and the rpc call ethGetFilterChanges it's broken in hardhat and everything I could find. I was trying to use Eventeum, which seems abandoned for another closed source solution, as I applied the patch it started working but not for contract monitoring, and I was wondering if there was someone I could contact to get more information on this issue and why those functions are not compliant with the rpc-json specification.
How can i create a two-dimensional array in web3j to use as input parameter for a function ?
hey guys, how can i use Transfer.sendFundsEIP1559 to transfer ether?
TransactionReceipt receipt = Transfer.sendFundsEIP1559(
                web3j, credentials,
                toAddress, //toAddress
                BigDecimal.valueOf(1), //value
                Convert.Unit.ETHER, //unit
                DefaultGasProvider.GAS_LIMIT, //maxPriorityFeePerGas (max fee per gas transaction willing to give to miners)
                BigInteger.valueOf(3_100_000_000L) //maxFeePerGas (max fee transaction willing to pay)
here is my code , and it doesnot work , it just keep running and not response
otherwise , Transfer.sendFunds is work fine
How do you read the result of a smart-contract interaction - that is non-view? I get a transactionreceipt object in response - rather than the method result
Abstract Aesthetics

`const getHistoryTransactionFromWeb3 = async (
transactionHash: string
) => {
let newAmount;
await web3.eth.getTransactionReceipt(transactionHash, (err, result) => {
newAmount = Number(result.logs[1].data);

return newAmount;

Whats the web3j equivalent to this web3js function

Hi All, I was thinking is somebody working on a server for artist or creatives to self host and only those who have a specified nft will have access to resources inside the server. So artist releases nft and that gives user streaming access to songs in a album.
Hi Devs, For web3j sokt versions after 0.7.2 all windows url are empty and can not use the solidity compiler on windows.
But the release in ethereum contains the exe files
Hi, is there any info on when the next release of web3j-maven-plugin is going out? I need a fix that available on master at the moment, but it's not released yet, I'd like to avoid forking the repo.
Yegor Chumakov
Hi guys. I have a question about web3j maven. For some reason maven can't find and download it. What Am I doing wrong?
@FabianSchuessler I'm trying to invoke a smart contract function using web3j, but get this error
Web3j: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error processing transaction request: transaction underpriced
@egopher try this
Hi everyone! I have a question regarding web3j core versions. On the Maven repository, the latest version (considering version numbers) of web3j core is 5.0.0, but it was released in May 2020. Version 4.9.0 looks like the newest one, released in February 2022. 4.9.0 is the latest on Github too. Which version should I use? I assumed that I should use 4.9.0, but I decided to ask this question nevertheless.
And a second question: is the Ledger signature format supported somehow? Using Sign.signedPrefixedMessageToKey() on a Ledger signature throws SignatureException with message: "Header byte out of range: 1". Shifting the V byte + 27 (+ 0x1B) solves the problem, but maybe I'm unaware of something.
Hello everyone! I'm trying to call a custom function of my smart contract deployed on ropsten by using java wrapper class, but I always getting the error:
org.web3j.protocol.exceptions.TransactionException: Transaction receipt was not generated after 600 seconds for transaction
I think the problem should be the gasPrice value, can someone please help me?
I'm using these values:
BigInteger gasPrice = new BigInteger("22000000000");
BigInteger gasLimit = BigInteger.valueOf(100000);
Thanks in advance.
Kingsley Hendrickse
hello - does anyone know why in the web3j testing - I can't deploy a contract with Credentials I just created like this:
   val contract = Contract.deploy(web3j, Credentials.create(Keys.createEcKeyPair()), DefaultGasProvider(), "Name", "Symbol").send()
java.lang.IllegalStateException: worldState.get(Address.f…String(w3jAddress.value)) must not be null
Kingsley Hendrickse
works fine in the App just not in the Test
Ashutosh Gupta
I'm getting
web3j Error processing transaction request: insufficient funds for gas * price + value
Is there any way I can change the gas price to 0 in web3j or to send transaction with 0 gas price ..!? I'm using my private chain on geth.
Hello, I use ethestimategas to obtain gas, but if the contract is obviously wrong, I will also get a gas value. Shouldn't an error be prompted here?
val ethEstimateGas = mPancakeSwapRepo.WEB3J.ethEstimateGas(mTransaction).send()
No matter whether the method is executed successfully or not, I will get an error free result
hi, can help with maven plugin error: Error: Source "@uniswap/v3-periphery/contracts/libraries/TransferHelper.sol" not found: File outside of allowed directories.
maven plugin error: not found: File outside of allowed directories.
how to fix that?
Atılım Çetin

Hi, with web3j, I'm trying to decode binary data of a simple tuple like (uint256,string). Although I can encode like

        final Type uint256Type = TypeDecoder.instantiateType("uint256", 12345);
        final Type stringType = TypeDecoder.instantiateType("string", "foo");
        final DynamicStruct dynamicStruct = new DynamicStruct(List.of(uint256Type, stringType));
        final String encoded = TypeEncoder.encode(dynamicStruct);

I cannot decode the data back. Is there a way to decode a tuple without generating classes, etc.

Evan Saulpaugh
you could try esaulpaugh/headlong but i'm biased