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    Yes, you don't need JavaScript if you just want to use CSS to style that element. However note that shadow DOM requires JS.
    Jeremy J Parmenter
    dope, thanks!
    But I'd highly recommend class instead.
    Unrelated: Are there any web components that actually use closed shadow roots?

    How should web components look like, if my html looks like this
    <graph-tree-item label="Item 1">
    <graph-tree-item label="Item 1-1">
    <graph-tree-item label="Item 1-1-1"></graph-tree-item>

    Web Components work just like other HTML elements, except that they work on any website with the help of Shadow DOM.


    Hi everyone! I'm a developer for a company called ZingSoft. We have a product called ZingGrid which is a commercial grid web component. The code is closed source (https://github.com/ZingGrid/zinggrid) but available for free use in commercial products. How does we fit into the web component community and if we belong on this platform?

    I'm not trying to be spam or promotion, we are deeply involved and invested in web components and am wondering your thoughts on:

    1. commercial web components being available on webcomponents.org
    2. commercial web components in general. Is there a place for them for you? What would you expect

    Make it open-source :)

    Riccardo Pasquini
    hello, I'm trying to publish my first webcomponent but I get the error about no Github URL associated... even because I used gitlab (https://gitlab.com/morphy76/jaf).... what's that about? PS I'm new with frontend dev, any coding hint is welcomed :)
    9 replies
    Riccardo Pasquini
    Hi guys!
    I'm starting a new project and I'm new using web components, what I need to know is if there are components templates to render, and if there are, where?
    Ben Rubin

    Hi all, long time fan of web components here. Have been working on a side project for a material design ui component library. I have slowly been working on it over the last 2 years and am finally going to start using it for some projects. I would love to get some feedback on it. Here is a link to the github and to the doc website. There are still some components under development and some others on the road map, but all the basics plus some are there. One big thing to note is the focus on mobile and desktop compatibly (the components are design to work with both and have specific features based on the view)


    Hi guys!
    Hi! I recently published a webcomponent but would like to remove it (for now). Is there a way I can do that?
    Joe Pea
    @EMazzaglia What do you mean? Are you asking if there's a system that allows you to easily write template in your web components?
    How is Web Component compatible with IE?
    3 replies
    How to solve the ES 2015 standard class syntax generation in IE11?
    Hi, I'm wondering which I should pursue, Lit-element or Svelte. I want one that longevity and maintenance by a large group, since I don't want to switch around to another. I prefer typescript and JavaScript, but just JavaScript. I know Lit-element is a Google project so that will (maybe) have longevity and good maintenance, but I'm not sure about Svelte. Both approaches sound favorable. I have been using Angular, and previously used gulp for things. Both are very good but I would like something more streamlined and cutting-edge. All thoughts are welcomed.
    1 reply
    I prefer typescript and JavaScript, but not just JavaScript.
    same @wfd2018
    looking forward to see what answer you get
    BTW guys I'm starting a business! Could you help me choose a name please? :D https://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5f9aeb10e4b0899ae5a152c8
    Conrad Sollitt
    Hi, Is webcomponents.org still maintained? I see on github the source has not been updated in years and it appears no issues are responded too?
    I would like to publish a Web Component Library I created but I don't use bower and I use npm for releases rather than github tags. Is there anyway I can publish this? https://github.com/dataformsjs/dataformsjs
    Marc Wensauer
    there are many broken links here :
    is this site still maintained ?


    Custom Elements specification points to:

    Benny Powers
    The site is not maintained
    There are plans though
    In the mean time, may I suggest open-wc.org
    Dmitry IV.
    Just curious - in what way that's a custom element?
    Harihara Krishnan
    Hello 👋
    Just decided to create a web component for my project. I'm planning to make a excel like worksheet having drag and drop features.
    Are there anything already in place?
    Much appreciate your help!!
    With One
    Harihara Krishnan
    @ghost~5e26e98dd73408ce4fd74c48 sorry... what??
    hi .
    how can i learn deep about web components?
    hi .
    i having problem in passing JS array or variable into my component so i can use it.
    Do we have any tool/framework to benchmark performance of web components?
    to register a custom element, window.customElements.define('my-custom-element', MyCustomElement);
    I want to unregister a custom element , is there any possibilities?
    will be helpful if u guys share your insights.
    All the docs links are 404ing on https://www.webcomponents.org/introduction
    Roberto Ianes
    hello, i need to add a class to the host ( i have imported the styles from external file and i neet to assign to :host element the class style when the webcomponenet is loaded) some one can help me? tnx :)
    Roberto Ianes
    i have tryed with this.shadowRoot.host.classList.add('myclass') but not work
    Roberto Ianes
    ... yes i can assign the class but not ereditate the style defined to the class inside the webcomponents,
    Tomasz Pluskiewicz
    I think you simply want to access this.classList
    Hi I am trying to run the snuggsi template example on firefox but it doesn't work. I am getting Template is not defined error
    Nick Dugger
    Any chance I could get some feedback on my library's API? This is just a small taste of the JSX support, and out-of-the-box styling support (I want to add support for constructable stylesheets soon): https://gist.github.com/ndugger/440ed4436bbc48621debcf7513e739f2 -- It kind of has feature-parity with React: Class based components, function based components, hooks, context, portals, fragments. (Not production-ready yet though)
    anyone kicked the tires on https://github.com/github/catalyst/ by chance? looks like a nice re-spin on Stencil. i love how declarative everything is, how it's so mark-up based.
    Roberto Ianes
    i would like to condivide a starter with lit-element, redux, routing and bootstrap: https://github.com/ianes1978/webcomponent-app-starter
    Pritam Shrestha
    I see that the browser support for the web components is mentioned stable for all the modern browsers including Edge in the homepage. https://www.webcomponents.org/ But when I use https://caniuse.com/?search=web%20components or even https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Web_Components#browser_compatibility itself it shows partial support safari. How true is that in the present context. I am new to web components and want to make sure that it is supported on modern browsers before I start using it. Someone enlighten me on this topic please.

    Hi, could you list Arc Engine on the webcomponents.org page here towards the bottom?