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Issue : no spec file found when run using WDIO
2021-09-14T17:53:06.905Z WARN @wdio/config:ConfigParser: pattern ./test/specs/*.js did not match any file
2021-09-14T17:53:06.905Z ERROR @wdio/cli:launcher: No specs found to run, exiting with failure
2021-09-14T17:53:07.157Z INFO @wdio/local-runner: Waiting for 0 to shut down gracefully
2021-09-14T17:53:07.157Z INFO @wdio/local-runner: shutting down

Process finished with exit code 1

2 replies
@christian-bromann Thanks for your response, what is happing is, I have three tests files in my specs folder and spawn 3 processes when I run it. so the challenge is, instead of generating three different result files for each test file. It is only generating one and not three, so I am looking for a way to generate three result files for each test file and then merge the result. and I am using the mocha framework
Mårten Norén
Hi all!
I cannot use any keyboard shortcut containing the Command key (Mac) (e.g. Command + a, Command + z) if I am using "automationProtocol: devtools".
Then it types "Command" and "a" as a string. I tried using ['U+2318', a] and ['Meta', a] without any luck. I am using browser.keys(). It works for other modifier keys, e.g. "Shift" + "ArrowLeft".

I'm upgrading from 7.4 to 7.12 and also sync to async. Has anyone seen an issue where the 'await' command just stops running anything? eg:

async inputValue(element: string, value: string) {
    const abc = await $(element)
    await abc.waitForDisplayed();
    await abc.clearValue();
    await abc.setValue(value);

When I call this it logs 'start' but doesn't log anything else, and doesn't clear or set the value on the element. The test passes so it's like it's just skips to the end of the function without throwing an error 🤔 any ideas gratefully received!

2 replies
Hi, I'm using the most current version of wdio and when I try to use .selectByAttribute I get the error: "JSHandles can be evaluated only in the context they were created!"
Has anyone else been able to select something from a select list in the most recent version?
1 reply
Saranya Easwaran
Hi All, I'm trying to install webdriverio dev setup locally but facing the below issue while 'npm run build', I'm following instructions as per https://github.com/webdriverio/webdriverio/blob/main/CONTRIBUTING.md#set-up-project . Please help.
> node ./scripts/build

npx tsc -b packages/wdio-types/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-protocols/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-logger/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-utils/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-config/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-repl/tsconfig.json packages/webdriver/tsconfig.json packages/devtools/tsconfig.json packages/webdriverio/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-cli/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-reporter/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-runner/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-sync/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-allure-reporter/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-appium-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-browserstack-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-concise-reporter/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-crossbrowsertesting-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-cucumber-framework/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-devtools-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-dot-reporter/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-firefox-profile-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-jasmine-framework/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-junit-reporter/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-local-runner/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-mocha-framework/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-sauce-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-selenium-standalone-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-shared-store-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-smoke-test-reporter/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-smoke-test-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-spec-reporter/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-static-server-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-sumologic-reporter/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-testingbot-service/tsconfig.json packages/wdio-webdriver-mock-service/tsconfig.json
packages/wdio-shared-store-service/src/@types/shared-store-service.d.ts(1,1): error TS1128: Declaration or statement expected.
packages/wdio-shared-store-service/src/@types/shared-store-service.d.ts(1,2): error TS1128: Declaration or statement expected.
    throw new Error('Failed compiling TypeScript files!')

Error: Failed compiling TypeScript files!
    at Object.<anonymous> (E:\DATA\Saranya\ToStudy\WebdriverIO_Related\wdio_dev_setup\webdriverio\scripts\build.js:71:11)
    at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1072:14)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1101:10)
    at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:937:32)
    at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:778:12)
    at Function.executeUserEntryPoint [as runMain] (internal/modules/run_main.js:76:12)
    at internal/main/run_main_module.js:17:47
npm ERR! errno 1
npm ERR! webdriverio-monorepo@ compile: `node ./scripts/build`
3 replies
I am trying to enter stripe test card details using webdriverIO on React frontend. I tried to enclose it with a div and giving it an id, that div was located by it, but inner input for card number etc couldnt be accessed . here is the error log https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/44c42b8175094c73ac5f830cf8e2451b . Please help and let me know a way out. This is how I am trying to reach Stripe elements https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/177550e5633f44eeb98c3f0e36b63448
1 reply
If some detail I am missing to share then please let me know, I will share
hI. I AM USING ALLURE Reporting and i just don't want request response in failed logs. What changes need to be done?
Andrew Cousineau
Is there a way to ignore the "Error: Invalid or unsupported WebDriver capabilities found" error when using @wdio/runner?
18 replies
Nilam Vora
Hi all, I am new to WDIO and facing one issue. I have one carousel component and created a Page object model to retrieve title, header, subtext and image. The issue is I am able to read the first carousel item's data but not able to read the rest. Any idea?
3 replies
Tahjyei Thompson
Hey what are some best practices for parsing a HTML table with WDIO.
Extracting the table headers and rows


Siddhant Sawant
How do i change the title name "ALLURE REPORT" in overview section. I have install web driver tool in desktop
So, I'm not sure how exactly yet, but one of the recent patches seems to break my end to end test.
3 replies
Hi all, I would like to know if it's possible to skipped, or force to pass a test, with a specific tag. For example, we have 5 devices 4 moible and 1 tablet. I have a scenario, with tag @skipped-tablet. I would like in before scenario hook, check tags, and if the tag skipped tablet are identified, and the test run on tablet, skipped the test. (I can get the tags in before scenario) but how can I force the test to be skipped or eventyually passed. anyone has an idea ?please
23 replies
beforeScenario: function (world) { for (const [key, value] of Object.entries(world.pickle.tags)) { if (value.name == '@Skipped-Tablet') { console.log('Scenario to skip'); }}}
Tyler Velasco
Migrating from sync to async. Im currently having an issue with TypeError: $(...).$ is not a function when using locator chains in a page object. node 14.17, wdio 7.10.1. Code get divRuleList() { return $("h3=Rules").$('..').$('..') };. Thanks
20 replies
Hi all. Please tell me if there is any way to interact with the clipboard. There is a task when text should be copied to clipboard when clicked, and question is, how to check that it was copied and copied correctly?
4 replies
Hi all, am having this error
Object is possibly 'undefined'.ts with this chainable selector.
const myAccountTable = () => {return $('.MuiTableBody-root').$$('tr')[0].$('h6')}
anyone have an idea what am doing wrongly, thanks in advance
Alpha IT Systems
Hi All,
Is it possible to use 2 frameworks (Cucumber and Mocha) in a single WebdriverIO test automation project. We know it is not ideal, however would it work fine. Anyone tried, please?
@AlphaItSystemsIndia I'm not sure if you can use multiple test runners in the same config file, but you could use mocha for config file 1's test runner, then for config file 2's test runner set cucumber up. If the configs are for different applications and won't use the same code then this wouldn't be too painful, but if the configs are for the same application then you'd have to double up your code, or add a conditional in your tests to control what test runner is being used. No idea how you would implement it...just throwing possible ideas out there for you
1 reply
Hi all, am having this error
Object is possibly 'undefined'.ts with this chainable selector.
const myAccountTable = () => {return $('.MuiTableBody-root').$$('tr')[0].$('h6')}
Does anyone has an idea what am doing wrongly, thanks in advance
Is there a way to disable/hide the worker UID ([0-0], [0-1], etc.) when it is sending output to the console?
Example console output:
[0-0] RUNNING in chrome <specs>
[0-0] <output> . . .
[0-0] PASSED in chrome <specs>
[0-1] RUNNING in chrome . . . .
hi everyone, having a big problem here which i suppose should be resolved easily, but for an unknown reason can not find it. When opening a page I have a .js file in "Network" (devtools)
2 replies
I need to access "Response" tab and get what is inside. How can I do that using webdriverio ?
Yun Jing
Hi all, WebdriverIO v7.11.0 and Cucumber v7.11.0 are being used. I want to share variable between step definitions, like ScenarioContext. A potential solution is to create a global variable in the before hook in wdio.conf.ts. Just want to confirm if the global variable is scoped to an individual worker process? Thanks.
Christian Bromann
@yunj it is
Yun Jing
@christian-bromann thanks very much for your confirmation. It means that there is no intervention if scenarios run in parallel.
Christian Bromann
you can work with the shared-store service
Yun Jing
@christian-bromann shared-store-service documentation says The idea of the service is to deal with very specific environment setup issues. Please avoid sharing test execution data! I thought scenario context data is sort of text execution data, so global variable is being used.
Christian Bromann
if you run one feature file all scenarios in there run in the same worker process
Yun Jing
Yes, since all scenarios in one feature file run in sequence, I think it should be fine if they are in the same worker process
Christian Bromann
Yun Jing
As TypeScript is used, probably we can have some type for global variable? but not applicable to shared-store-service.
Christian Bromann
yes, you can define globals with TS
Yun Jing
I'm planning to use some mechanism similar to wdio-cucumber-parallel-execution to generate temporary feature files and each of them has only one scenario. In this way, more tests can run in parallel.
@christian-bromann just wondering if you know some similar service that's maintained by community? as the above is out of date. Thank you.
Christian Bromann
What would be the value of having similar services .. I think this one does a good job, if there is a feature missing please report, if there is a bug, please report, if you want to get these done, please contribute
Yun Jing
Just see a few pending pull requests but no action on it.
Thank you very much for answering my questions.

Hi everyone! I am trying to upload a file but, depending on how I try to select the element I am getting the following error:
"invalid element state: invalid element state"
"element not interactable"

I tried with different selectors, both selecting the item with "ngx-mat-file-input" and also the "input".

I can click and it opens the window to select a file. But if I try to set a file as follows, I get the aforementioned error:

const files = path.join (__ dirname, '..', '..', 'features', 'img.jpg');
await (await this.getFileInput).setValue (files);

In this way, in another input file I could upload files.

I've been reading the following: https://webdriver.io/blog/2019/06/25/file-upload/ but still couldn't find a solution.

I asked the development team to create a small project with part of the screen containing the input file.
It can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/bruqin/wp-file-upload

They are using ngx-material-file-input, I think this could be the reason for the problem.

I appreciate any help.

3 replies
Hi all, maybe someone can tell me how to get permission to interact with the clipboard ("clipboard-read") using browser.setPermissions(). unfortunately the example in the documentation is wrong (https://webdriver.io/docs/api/webdriver/#setpermissions). And I keep getting an error. Can anyone point out an example of how to do this correctly? I would be very grateful
i am getting - ERROR webdriver: Request failed with status 400 due to element not interactable: element not interactable
can somone help me
Jacco van Dijke

Hi all,
for my work I will need to start working with mac, I assumed it would not be a problem so i installed nodejs and webdriverIO and did a couple of simple tests. the tests passed, but soon I noticed something was wrong, when a test that shouldn't pass actually also passed...
Now it seems, webdriverIO opens the page. doesn't do a thing, and passes the test and the browser closes.
I tried the same tests on my own window's laptop there they work as expected. So it seems to be a mac problem.. Is that possible, or could it be the nodejs version?
mac: webdriverIO 7.12.5, nodejs v14.17.6
windows: webdriverIO 7.12.5, nodejs v14.16

example of a simple test that should not pass but passes on my mac setup (typo in title)

describe('go to webpage', () => {

it('should open the main url and verify the title', () => {


        'ebdriverIO · Next-gen browser and mobile automation test framework for Node.js | WebdriverIO')

Anyone any ideas?

Akanksha Gupta
Hi all, I am facing Error: invalid argument: invalid argument: missing 'ELEMENT' while using switchToFrame($('My Locator')). any idea on it?