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Dec 2016
Mark Nijhof
Dec 26 2016 02:21
Hi there, is it possible to force a complete rebuild when any file changes? I am using Webpack with my Elm development of a library and when running Webpack in the examples folder (which I use to build out the library code) then it detects changes in both branches but because how Elm adds both source dirs Webpack doesn't know to update a file in the examples code when a library file changes. So to quickly solve this I am looking for a way to tell webpack to not be smart and just rebuild the whole project on any file change.
Paul Xu
Dec 26 2016 05:11
Has anyone ran into an issue where webpack will not use the DLL plugins provided
and bundle the same packages twice?
same modules*
Nikolai Paul
Dec 26 2016 07:46
A general question: Will dom bindings be dismissed after a hot reload?
with webpack hmr
Alexander Christiansson
Dec 26 2016 08:54
@nklap Except for injecting script tags into head webpack HMR does not touch the dom at all. Any DOM modifications would have to come from from hooks, but these are not part of webpack but supplied by your code or libraries that you use (react-hot-loader, angular2-hmr, etc)
so the answer to your question depends very much on what hooks/hmr libraries you use
Dec 26 2016 10:29
Hello, everybody. Somebody know how to add source map to css ?
I have the rule:
        test: /\.css$/,
        exclude: /node_modules/,
        loader: [
            loader: 'css-loader',
            query: {
              modules: true,
              importLoaders: 1,
              localIdentName: '[name]__[local]___[hash:base64:5]'
Qiming zhao
Dec 26 2016 11:19
@krasevych add sourceMap:true to query should works
Paul Xu
Dec 26 2016 15:56
Hello, all
has anyone ran into an issue with webpack not using the DLL Plugins referenced?
Jerome Leclanche
Dec 26 2016 16:40
hey guys. I have a typescript project "Foo" I'm bundling using webpack 2 and ts-loader. Its entry point is only getting exported as Foo.default() instead of Foo(). Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
Code is here:
If I add module.exports = Foo at the end of the file it fixes it but then it fails at compile time (cannot find module)
ah Microsoft/TypeScript#2719
Jack carlson
Dec 26 2016 16:59
guys i am new to react and its not working on localhost. Can anyone explain the concept of ports?
Dec 26 2016 17:17
Dec 26 2016 19:26
@jleclanche cool web app