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Nov 2016
Imre Mehesz
Nov 09 2016 16:41
hello guys, I've been using webpack for a while, but I still only know a little. I use RiotJS as my framework and trying to setup Karma with Jasmine right now.
I am able to run Karma in general and it generates the proper output, however ...
let's say I have an object that I want to test a = {defaultHealth: 0, maxHealth: 100, setHealth(num) => = num, getHealth: () =>}
I require it in my Jasmine spec, but instead of the full object, I only get back the properties, and not the functions ... they are all undefined ... what am i missing here?
Kevin Miles
Nov 09 2016 21:32
is there an alternative way (besides using [hash]) to grab the hash inside a webpack config file?