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Repo info
    Rajpal Chauhan
    process.env.NODE_ENV = 'production'
    Pradeep Kumar
    Hi any one tell me how to generate dist folder with webpack-dev-server in webpack 4
    i am writing code but not runing.
    Ryan Drew
    Has anyone run into this before? schemas/WebpackOptions.json need to be updated
    I added an option to schemas/WebpackOptions.json
    When running yarn test. The functionality I added works as intended
    @zyflying 你好
    Hi, I am new to webpack. I have a doubt. I do have situation where i dont want the build to be run when we click button from 'Xcode' IDE not to npm run build. how can i achieve this?

    Hey folks!
    Im a little confused with setting up my env for webpack-cli
    I have done the following steps so far:

    npm i
    npm run bootstrap
    npm test

    Ideally this should first, install some of the dependencies like rimraf required to bootstrap the application with lerna and then npm test should test everything and make sure nothing is broken.
    But the last command fails, and gives me this log...

    Nitin Kumar
    try removing all the modules and cleaning the npm cache
    and run the same steps again with yarn?
    @snitin315 Let me give it a try
    I am still getting the same error
    The modules are not actually getting bootstrapped it looks like... it keeps saying "module not found"
    Nitin Kumar
    I had faced the same problem but This worked for me. How about trying a fresh installation?
    It doesn't work
    I think I will just reclone once again
    Can someone please help me?
    For whatever reason my tests are not properly runnin
    Here's the pastebin containing the console logs
    I even used yarn for this particular attempt
    Michael Gobz
    @buoyantair i think its a problem with module pursing with node .. telling you that what you are requesting for is not there
    u try reinstallation or even reclone
    oh welp
    I already tried doing that...
    I guess I will try it once more
    Michael Gobz
    if it fails
    then shall see another solution to that
    I will try it right away
    Michael Gobz
    From what I hv seen that problem from module resolution in node , I don't know what version of webpack-cli you are trying but probably there is some kind of breaking change and that u need to explicitly tell node what module format to use that's through the configurationOptions { moduleResolution: node } and see whether it works. That's like the solution I could have right now
    @michaelgobz Thanks... I think just recloning again worked...
    Now the tests are running...
    Michael Gobz
    Thanks encouraging
    I made some changes to the code.. but I am not sure how to run it...
    I know it has something to do with doing something like yarn link
    and I know I have to create a seperate npm package for testing and then yarn link my changes there
    But for some reason I dont think my changes are happening...
    This could be because I have not built my source with yarn build and that command seems to give me an error
    Gonçalo Fontoura
    Ignore me 😇
    Naman Shankhydhar
    Can someone guide me how to get started with webpack?
    Devansh Agarwal
    Hey everyone, I am a passionate NodeJS developer (just love working on NodeJS) , and I have worked on some personal project based on node and Web-sockets , and have worked on plain NodeJS modules as well.