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    Pratik Parikh
    is there a way to tell webpack to ignore the transitive dependency while including node_modules?
    I've a peculiar issue using babel transpiler with webpack. I want to convert React's JSX into a bundle. The catch it, I want to pass configuration to it. So that I can make custom bundle at the time of transpiling.
    rafde @rafde
    Rafael De Leon
    Does anyone know if https://github.com/webpack/webpack/blob/v2.1.0-beta.20/lib/optimize/AggressiveSplittingPlugin.js is going to work with common chunk plugin?
    Sean Larkin
    Does it not currently? Have you taken it for a test drive?
    Rafael De Leon
    I wanted to ask before I invested time . Trying anyhow, but I have to do some resolve fixing
    Tobias Koppers
    should work
    Rafael De Leon
    I was trying to find out if it did but the final step took too long, well over 5 minutes. canceled and went to sleep
    Rafael De Leon
    OK. The reason I wanted to use the plugin was because I wanted to have webpack create one chunk per JS module while not affecting the CommonChunk file that is created with all of my 3rd party libraries so the webpack watch doesn't create all my js code in one file.
    Supposedly in 1.13, the es6 parser has been backported from 2.x. What's the pipeline to let webpack bundle imports, split on System.import, etc. but still transpile to es5?
    Rafael De Leon
    split still relies on require.ensure
    not sure about the bundle imports
    @rafde then what does this mean?-> http://webpack.github.io/docs/changelog.html#1-13

    from https://gist.github.com/sokra/27b24881210b56bbaff7: "The ES6 Loader spec defines System.import as method to load ES6 Modules dynamically on runtime.

    Webpack threads System.import as splitpoint and puts the requested module in a separate chunk."

    ok. I'm not sure what I did to embed that page in gitter...
    but it does state that v2 understands System.import for codesplitting
    and http://webpack.github.io/docs/changelog.html#1-13 states that v2's es6 parser has been backported to 1.13
    so shouldn't that mean that v1.13 understands System.import?
    Rafael De Leon
    I make my assumption through the current docs. So it doesn't seem so
    How stable is v2? After 20 betas I expect it's fairly stable... no?
    Jon Harris
    @smcmurray I recently tried upgrading from 1.13.2 to 2.1.0-beta.25 and I’m seeing that a (naive?) change from require.ensure to System.import is not working at all as I expected
    I’m hitting a couple of issues in migrating to System.import, first an annoyance, chunk files cannot be named anymore apparently (webpack/webpack#1949)
    The more serious problem I’m seeing is my chunk files seem to be being aggressively merged, which may be due to a config change from 1.x->2.x
    Jon Harris
    I just posted a stack overflow question about code splitting when migrating from webpack 1.x to webpack 2.x. I was using a nested require.ensure statement that's not working so well with nested System.import calls. Anyone have any insight/suggestions? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39643788/nested-system-import-calls-with-webpack-2
    Twitty Martin
    I have a question regarding Easy-webpack using additional loaders: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39726060/easy-webpack-using-additional-loaders
    Anvesh Checka
    Can someone explain what is the difference between 'devtool' options like 'eval' & 'eval-source-map'?
    Had a hard time trying to understand it from docs
    Roman Dragan
    Hey everyone! Does anybody know if HMR is supporting rolling back changes? Cause, I'm using it in production and I need this feature very much.
    I've figured out that webpack.records.json file has some property called 'prepreHash', and I think it could be useful for rolling back already applied changes. But there are no docs at all, that describe records file syntax.
    any one use enhanced-resolver?
    Neethu K P
    Hi every one