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Repo info
    Neethu K P

    "use strict"

    const webpack = require("webpack");
    const path = require("path");

    const webpackConfig = {
    entry: {
    "test-suite": "./index.js"
    output: {
    path: path.join(__dirname, "../"),
    filename: "./dist/bundle.js"
    module: {
    rules: [
    test: /.(js|jsx)$/,
    use: [{
    loader: "babel-loader",
    options: {
    presets: [
    ["es2015", {"modules": false}],

    module.exports = webpackConfig;

    this is my config file
    can any one help me resolve this issue ?
    Tejas Bubane
    @kp_neethu_twitter webpack is not able to find those modules/files like ./config/defaultConfig, fs etc. Check for import/require in the source code at those error locations.
    Neethu K P
    Need a immediate help with webpack
    this is my config file
    added dependency
    getting the following error
    ERROR in ./index.js
    Module build failed: Error: Couldn't find preset "es2015" relative to directory
    Neethu K P
    included the babel.rc file with above configuration
    Tejas Bubane
    @kp_neethu_twitter I think this room is for discussing webpack features, for questions better use stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/tags/webpack
    Neethu K P
    sure tejas
    Is webpack-dev-server meant to inject express-related code into the front-end? I upgraded from webpack 1.13.1 to 2.4.1 5 days ago, and I get a front-end error including "Server.js" with a line var express = require("express");. I can't imagine this is something that's supposed to make it into the bundle, is it?
    Not sure this matters because I doubt wds is meant to be bundled, but here's a stacktrace: https://gist.github.com/2livebrew/b2ec9e177a741fefee101530296319a1
    Alex Regan
    has anyone here started using the ModuleConcatenationPlugin? I'm building a Vuejs app with webpack, and I recently upgraded to webpack v3. All was smooth, but when I flipped on the ModuleConcatenationPlugin, one of my SPA's bundles lost it's ordering, and while it bundled successfully, threw the runtime error above
    I have a problem while building multiple modules as it takes so much time for building the entire project
    While bundling the project i have 3 modules in it and i need to seperate the core modules from bundling every time and also is there any option of bundling independent modules on demand? Thanks
    Andrei Bazavan
    Hi guys and girls, if someone knows where the aliases are processed for the require please let me know, if not I have a feature request from you (else i would have implemented it myself), I want the aliases to be able to take an array and if requested file from alias is not present there then it should fallback to the next item in the array and so on.
    Thanks :)
    Héctor León
    Hi everybody!, some can tell me if there is a way to setup Webpack to ensure that the generated CSS file is loaded before JS, thanks in advance.
    Charlie Choiniere
    Question about tree shaking. If I use the import syntax on a file that just returns a map from a java properties file can I use destructuring to only include the messages that are being imported via destructuring?
    vu minh chien
    Vilva Athiban P B
    I have babelrc, babel presets in place and I tried migrating to webpack 4 recently which on minification of build (using uglify plugin) gives a set of junk values in the minified files
    any thought on this?
    Hi guys! Someone are using the new feature webpackPrefetch in webpack 4.6? Actually, I use react-loadable. Someone can say if loadable use prefetch or preload concept ?
    Jasdeep Singh
    https://thechosenones.wooplr.com/collection/4580957858430976/ethnic-campaign-399 .................Hey people....just managed to get this up and working......please have a check
    Ido S
    Hi, I'm trying to write a plugin that analyzes a specific object in the source code based on variable name. i've been trying to figure out how to use the parser for about 8 hours without any luck. i've managed to get the varDeclaration expression but couldn't figure out how to get the value of the object.
    the documentation is very lacking and is in correct, is there anyone that has experience with such a thing?
    Calvin Wilkinson
    Hello all!!
    I am having an issue using libraries generated by webpack. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated. :smile:
    Hi everyone, I'm new to Webpack and modularized JS development. I'm working on a Udemy lesson project that uses HTML, JS, AJAX, PHP and SQL, and I was wondering how to configure webpack.config.js to work with a MAMP server along with a webpack-dev-server. Anybody know how to set that up? I can take it from there once I have that set up.
    Or better yet, is there some CLI plugin for webpack-dev-server that integrates PHP Apache server and SQL server support for localhost development?
    Minanshu Singh
    So i was going through the source code of the Tapable class which is the backbone of the entire plugin system of webpack. Webpack itself is made up of 100 of plugins that hook up to this event system. I was ASKING, which Javascript desgin pattern was followed in writing the Webpack source code?
    Edoardo Gallo
    Hi guys, i don't know if it's OT but: i'm trying to revert a CommonJS library to ES2015 syntax. Is there something i can use in Webpack? I know that WebPack is the exact oppose but maybe there is some feature i could use.
    I also tried lebab package but it did not work due to the "unsafe" transforms on code
    Terry Di luzio
    Hi guys I need your opinion, I'm working with factory components and am currently building them prior to use them in a parent app.
    Do you think it's a good idea to build them to production individually (what I'm doing currently)
    Or to all the heavy building stuffs in the parent app?
    Beknar Askarov
    Hi, I want to replace all static es6 import declarations with dynamic import() ones, what is the best way to accomplish that? Couldn't find anything suitable on internet.
    I need this to safely externalise dependencies, if they are not available on page they will load it from CDN.
    I can make a loader, but I will not have proper source-maps, or make babel-plugin which is good but I need to combine it with webpack plugin I guess.
    Beknar Askarov

    So that following

    import { html, LitElement} from 'lit-element';
    import lodash from 'lodash';

    will become something like

    (async ()=>{
      const [{ html, LitElement }, lodash] = await Promise.all([import('cdn.com/lit-element'), import('cdn.com/lodash')]);
    Any suggestions, would be appreciated:)
    Ron Sheppard
    Is there any bugs or prerequisites need to be able to resolve an alias defined in webpack. For whatever reason my aliases will not resolve?