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irc-discord-bot <13JackH> I did some benchmarking and was able to hit 40 MBps without breaking a sweat
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> interesting
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> So not sure why you’re seeing that
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> i can only do up to 3MB/s on a 970Evo+
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> Happy to take a look at my code after work
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> well its either that, or there's some issue in the implementation im using/filestream implementation
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> but that still doesnt fix the other existing issues @JackH
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> thats like least of the problems, i managed to work around that
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> Not sure if there's too much active work on the issues you've got
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> like none :kek:
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> i'd like to help, but i'm in no way competent enough to do so
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> Issues opened for all of your problems?
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> pretty much in one way or another
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> With methods to reproduce etc
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> the issues are more like: make webtorrent browser-first not node-first
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> but you know
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> but all the things i ran into i already saw mentioned in other issues, and read by webtorrent maintainers, so they are aware of them
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> for quite some time now
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> there's just no priority for them
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> Believe that goes against WebTorrent's initial design philosophy of "worse is better" and trying to deliver a MVP in the form of a command line utility
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> woah, thats just trashtalking XD
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> nono, it's the actual design philosophy Feross adopted
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worse_is_better
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> i mean when webtorrent was first concepted, it was in no way possible to do it in browser, so i fully understand why it was made node-first, but i dont see why that should be kept now that its fully viable in browsers
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> but yeah, "just make it browser first :pepega: " is WAAAAAAY easier said than done XD
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> @JackH hmu when u do have time, i'd like to talk bout this tbh xD
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> idb that is
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> yeah yeah sure
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> I'll drop you a message later
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> 👍
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> I'm GMT if that helps
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> saME
irc-discord-bot <13JackH> nice, that works
Hoang H.Dang
could you guys add support for VLC the windows store version ?
I prefer that one
hey is anyone online ?
Hoang H.Dang
or at least could you guys support more format in webtorrent desktop ?
irc-discord-bot <06Swipe-X> Hi. Is there anyone in London
irc-discord-bot <12space> What reasons should I use simple-peer over peer.js?
can i use this in gitlab?
if yes then how?
justmike80386 Hello. I'm using the browser WebTorrent API and wanted to know if its possible to resume seeding a torrent after restarting the app without redownloading the data. The best solution I could come up with is using localstorage to store/restore data and using torrent.rescanFiles, but for that I don't know how to load the raw data back into a torrent
justmike80386 object.
justmike80386 nevermind, I found a solution
Lonnie Best
I'd like to create a folder on a server that watches and notices when I drop files into that folder. Then, for each new file it receives, I want it to automatically convert that into a torrent and host that torrent file world wide in a manner that is accessible via regular torrent and webtorrent. Are there already tools that do this, or do I need to write my own?
The main thing I'd like to accomplish is scalability hosting a video. If I make a video, and self host it, and it goes viral, I'm hoping that showing that video via webtorrent instead of a regular download, will automatically make the hosting scale as needed. Is this a practical expectation?
Lonnie Best
I normally use YouTube and I have never had a video censored, but because I've seen censorship on YouTube lately, it makes me want to consider other video hosting technologies.
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> @justmike80386 there isnt any solution really, at least for browser, if you use any custom store that already has data in it, when you create a torrent and tell WT to use that store it loads the entire file into RAM for a few seconds, which 9/10 times is enough to crash the browser
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> especially with large videos
irc-discord-bot <11ThaUnknown_> if you figure out how to fix that issue do tell me