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  • meta

    Discussion about our discussion management. Any suggestions about organization should go here. https://workflowy.com/s/meta/AR9KqkWt6KJl38E8 (collective notes) https://wiki.wefindx.org (collective wiki)
    3 People
  • agichat

    From "Artificial General Intelligence" to "Applied General Intelligence" (parallel channel: t.me/agichat ) -- how to make it safe, and make sure it advances the humanity's ability to collectively define and pursue goals.
    2 People
  • movies

    For our entertainment, and facilitation of creativity to helping humanity collectively define and pursue goals)
    2 People
  • sources

    Recommended readings, news sources and organizations involved in humanity's goal-setting. https://workflowy.com/s/sources/Siasq2F1NmIkV9vp (collective notes) https://wiki.wefindx.org (collective wiki)
    2 People
  • visions

    The world we dream - let's think of utopias we can imagine. (collective-notes: https://workflowy.com/s/visions/BwyDBTvlpeorH1di)
    2 People
  • cocalc

    Computing together with respect to collectively defining and pursuing goals. -- Sharing of Storage, Network, Compute (SNC). MPC, ZK, Homomorphic encryption, and other methods to do computing together. Sharing of AI models, and API calls.
    1 People
  • ethics

    What moral principles (self-imposed rules) of organizations and individuals would lead to greater humanity's capability to collectively define and pursue goals?
    1 People
  • privacy

    How preserving and ensuring rights to privacy can be helpful in helping humanity collectively define and pursue goals?
    1 People
  • xrisks

    Existential risks, that are most related to helping humanity collectively define and pursue goals. https://workflowy.com/s/x-risks/062shABZrjUNzdIY (collective notes) https://wiki.wefindx.org (collective wiki)
    1 People
  • language

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