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Apr 2016
Bradley Menchl
Apr 07 2016 16:08
Hey all, just got back to the project! I'm gonna finish tests with testID today and create a PR for that.
Idk if @aepyornis figured the HMACTextBox stuff out yet
Apr 07 2016 16:37
Cool! Welcome back @brmenchl !!! :smile:
We had not grokked the TestId but are very happy you're hot on the trail b/c we need it!
Also: @alxmrtn and I are hot on the trail of a CI pipeline that can orchestrate iOS tests in parallel with Android ones! No more one side of the app breaking other side of the app!
And @jvaughan10 and @aepyornis are pushing things forward with websockets
Issue tracking up and running at
James Vaughan
Apr 07 2016 17:08
@aguestuser: So I am thinking about how our state tree is going to look now that we have more than just a location
For now I am thinking something along the lines of
state = {
   userLocation: {
      latitude: x,
      longitude: y
   connections: {
     websocket: ws
Alexander Martin
Apr 07 2016 17:19
is ws a singular websocket?
Apr 07 2016 17:20
looks good! and if we have more websockets, this is extensible (like if we wanted to store the connection to the LocationProvider... or had a websocket open to a keyserver)
speaking of which... maybe we should call the one ws connection we have something particular to the server it's connected to?
connections: { locationServer: ws }
James Vaughan
Apr 07 2016 17:29
James Vaughan
Apr 07 2016 17:37
I wish we could use this...
So nice
Apr 07 2016 17:39
Bradley Menchl
Apr 07 2016 20:21
I'm getting my old Macbook Air up to speed with everything, and it's going well, except building on android fails if you don't have all Android Build Tools versions 23.0.1, 23.0.2 and 23.0.3. I think we probably have hardcoded version numbers somewhere..
"The new Android Emulator is up to 3x faster in CPU, RAM, & I/O in comparison to the previous Android emulator."
"Cloud Test Lab is a new service that allows you to test your app across a wide range of devices and device configurations at scale in the cloud."
literally all these features are dope