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Apr 2016
Meitar M.
Apr 17 2016 08:11
Re: Signal Protocol, looks like we're not the only ones wondering where the JavaScript library is:
TL;DR: It's buried inside the Signal Desktop library and there aren't any clear docs about how to go about using it in another app. The code is there, but I'm unsure how to make use of it:
Apr 17 2016 23:48
nice find @meitar ! also: sorry to be so tardy on merging yr PR @aepyornis ! battled with gocd all weekend, and i'm happy to say we now have automated PR screening from our friendly neighborhood ci bot, SWARMZO! See:
^--- failing
suceeding ---v
you can see the results of all builds in realtime at
(logins coming soon)
that settled, will merge crypto PR first thing tomorrow
on the CI front, next up is figuring out how the heck to orchestrate parallel UI/integration tests on multiple iOS/Android emulators at once
would appreciate some help thinking through whether to:
(1) run them all on one OSX box talking to a virtualized location server also on that box (but how to drive multiple selenium tests in parallel? anyone know?)
Apr 17 2016 23:54
(2) run them on many different boxes at once (OSX for iOS, linux for Android and location-server), but then how to get deterministic results about location updates, given that the important tests are time based (alice and bob move 5 times in 25 seconds, they each see pins move 5 times to the correct new positions over the course of 25 seconds...) and i don't have any guarantees about when the tests will start or what the effects of network latency will be on the tests...
(3) [modified version of 2] -- delegate running of integration tests to saucelabs (where I just signed up for a free account for OSS projects) and poll their REST API to wait for results. (but then we're back in the same quandry with regards time and determinism!)
@/all : thoughts on this puzzle?