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Apr 2016
Apr 18 2016 00:07
(^--- other neat thing about gocd setup: if you click on the Details link in the PR comment, it links you through to the gocd page, which shows you results of the build, including html-formatted test reports and coverage reports. additionally: the build will fail if test coverage is below 80% -- or any other level that we set. :D)
Apr 18 2016 01:02
PS: just added logins. for a view-only view login with username "guest" and an empty password field
Meitar M.
Apr 18 2016 02:04
Nice work, @aguestuser! :)
I read this article today and was wondering if it maybe offers you some good ammo for making the case for why WhereAt is needed
Apr 18 2016 02:30
@meitar thanks! great (spooky!) link! also: responding to yr emails also top of to-do list for tomorrow. walking away from keyboard for the night after a weekend spent not-really-weekending