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Apr 2016
Kamal Marhubi
Apr 20 2016 02:37
I met the person who implemented Signal as a Chrome App, which I believe was adapted to the desktop app
could ask them questions if you have specifics
though it was a 1 month project for them, they might remember
Meitar M.
Apr 20 2016 02:41
Cool! Is a Chrome App not a "Desktop" app? The "Signal Desktop" name references the Chrome app?
Apr 20 2016 02:52
If I'm not mistaken, Signal Desktop is a Chrome app. Yes? (That's what it said when I signed up to get waitlisted to use it...)
Kamal Marhubi
Apr 20 2016 03:29
I think signal desktop is a port to an electron app
at least based on what I understood the other night
I haven't looked up either, so if you have read something contradictory it's more likely you're correct
my channel was noisy, literally
we were at a bar!
Meitar M.
Apr 20 2016 03:30
Yeah, no, when I launch "Signal Private Messenger" on my "desktop," it opens Chrome. Then Chrome insists on staying open "in the background" like for other Chrome apps.
Would've been nicer with something like Electron, maybe that's in the works?
Kamal Marhubi
Apr 20 2016 03:31
it would make sense at least