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Repo info
    Gustavo Schirmer
    Hi there, i'm trying to install tellform to heroku... should i set SOCKET_URL to <myapp>.herokuapp.com?
    I've tried setting that as <myapp>.herokuapp.com, then i've tried to create an user, but i got an error message: "[object Object]"
    Gustavo Schirmer
    Nobody? :\
    David Baldwynn
    @parthjaggi socketIO is used for analytics
    Redis is used for cluster mode (see pm2 docs)
    @hurrycaner no you don't need to set it to that
    You need to set your BASE_URL
    not SOCKET_URL
    Gustavo Schirmer
    base_url is set to <myapp>.herokuapp.com, should i leave socket_url blank?
    hello! just started trying the docking image once again. when registering an account there's a 400 error in the console and registration fails. does anyone know what happened?
    David Störcher
    hey, i have a Problem with the current master, if i try do load the side, static files in the 'lib' folder return 404. every other static file work perfect

    Hey guys, I would like to deploy tellform locally with the docker image. First of all jshint:all fails, cause he finds a load of errors (first task failes with 1218 errors in 140 files). He finds errors like url = require)'url'); <- 'require' is not defined
    Then i can still access the login page via localhost:3000 in my browser, but i cant even sign up. When i open the site, this is what the debugger lists me:
    GET / 304 100.186 ms - -
    GET /static/lib/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css 304 5.851 ms - -
    like 200 lines of this.

    Someone got any advice for me)
    My stats: running docker on 16.04 ubuntu with latest version of docker-ce

    Hello everyone
    I am deploying tellfrom to my local Machine.
    It is working fine but on creating new form it is not showing any options like for multiple choice
    create new form is reurning only false

    What's this issue about?

    For a multiple choice option checkbox is mandatory. How to implement checkbox in this repo.

    Expected behavior

    Currently in multiple choice option it is only radio button to select one. this work can be done by dropdown also but is a qustion is been asked for muliple choices then ?
    For this in Multiple choice only we can give a button to choose multiple or single. if opted for multiple then checkbox will open.

    • Please state functionality change that is required so that we can contribute in this feature.
    Hey anyone use tellform with or along with plesk ?
    or has a clue how I could do that ?
    sid d
    Which version of node and npm should i need ?

    I tried with below versions
    ➜ tellform git:(master) ✗ npm -v
    ➜ tellform git:(master) ✗ node -v

    Trouble solving errors from last one week

    same here, i tired everything, and every version and absolutely nothing works
    everything has some problem
    i had the most success with docker however, the server ngix server atleast started..but ofc SSL got in the way :(
    I've tried everything to get it up on docker and the only issue I have now is logging in. When I use the env to create admin along with pword, doesn't work. If I use the docker compose from tellform, I get a blank page. If I use this https://hub.docker.com/r/james9074/tellform/ it works but I can't login or create an account even though the evn for creating account was setup. any clues? root/root doesn't work.
    Michael Brown
    Anyone else get the error "unable to find logging file configuration" when deploying with docker?
    Edwin Clement
    Can anyone tell me
    How to get the values for the config vars
    in deploying to heroku