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Alexander Praetorius
also - if you want quicker answers, join our discord server:
Dhananjay Sood
@serapath Hi!! How are you?
Remember me?
Its been quite the time since we last talked
Alexander Praetorius
heya, i am good. i see you already found your way to discord, so lets continue talking there :-)
Stefan G.
@serapath hi hast Du was mit Wizard Amigos Nigeria/Lagos zu tun. in welcher Stadt haltet ihr euch momentan physisch auf?
Nina Breznik
@itbsStefan heeey, long time no see. We are currently in the UK. We moved Wizard Amigos chat to Discord so we can have multiple topics. Wanna join us there?
@/all please join Discord chat server (we have multiple topics there and we also started bi-weekly online meetups)
Andrés Correa Casablanca
The invitation link is broken
Well, marked as an invalid invite
it's possible to mark the invitation links as permanent in case you want
Nina Breznik
@castarco thanks for letting us know. The link sadly expires after 7 days to prevent some bots crawling the internet and spamming around.
So here is the new 7 day link
Alexander Praetorius
@itbsStefan ja habe ich, haha :-) join uns auf discord. wir sind ansosnten aktuell in UK
Alexander Praetorius

we have a one more free slot for a little grant program for a designer who wants to learn vanilla html/css/js to implement a simple web page for a community project.


Stefan G.
Hi @serapath wie geht's immer noch mit nodejs verbunden? Kann ich dich fragen was ich tun muss um ein nodemodule Namens ffi-napi zu installieren.
Alexander Praetorius

@itbsStefan heya :-) bing aktuell selten auf gitter unterwegs.
auf twitter kriegst du mich leichter, ansonsten aber auch auf discord :-)
waere super dich auf discord zu sehen :-)
was machst du so?

aus dem stehgreif kann ich mit ffi-napi wahrscheinlich nicht helfen, aber bin noch am nodejs benutzten. kannst gerne nen link schicken und mal schauen. sollte machbar sein.
hier sind wir aktiv auf discord, waer toll wenn du dahin kommst :-)


Hello everyone!
I'm a Blockchain & Web Engineer with 9+ years of experience in various range of products.
Organized, methodical, and with a keen eye for detail results in solid coding and a trustworthy program.
Understanding client requirements and communicating the progress of projects are core values in achieving long-lasting business relationships.
I provide Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Front-End, Back-End, and also user-friendly web solutions.
I am completely committed not only to providing basic services, but also doing everything possible to get your business growing explosively.
Don’t hesitate to contact me regardless of the project complexity you need.
My goal is that I want each of our customers to be completely satisfied.

List of my professional skill set:

@ Blockchain

  • Ethereum(L1, L2-ImmutableX) / Terra / Solana / Binance / Polygon / Avalanche
  • NFT Marketplace & Minting, Yield Farming, Staking, Swapping Platform Development
  • Smart Chain token development on ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, BEP20, BEP721 & BEP1155 protocols
  • ICO / ITO / IDO / STO, Cryptocurrency exchange & Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Developing RPC using client libraries such as Web3.js and Ethers.js
  • Integration with crypto wallets such as Metamask & Phantom

@ BackEnd

* Python / Django / DRF / PHP / Laravel / Codeigniter / Node.js / Express
* MySQL / PostgreSQL / MongoDB / DynamoDB

@ FrontEnd

  • React.js & Next.js
  • Vue.js & Nuxt.js
  • Jest / Mocha / Enzyme / Cypress / Pytest / Eslint / Prettier
  • Tailwind CSS / Material UI / Bootstrap / Semantic UI / Ant Design, etc

@ I have sufficient experience in:

  • CircleCI / Github Actions / Bitbucket Pipelines for CI/CD
  • GraphQL / REST APIs
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2 / S3 / Lambda / Elastic Beanstalk / Elastic Search )

I am always focusing on product quality first and professional codebase implementing OOP at a high level.
I always would be happy to discuss any challenging projects.
Feel free to contact me anytime if you need any help regarding your complex projects.

Efio-esien Efiom
Hi everyone, I'm a junior developer currently taking 100Devs Bootcamp. Looking to try my hands on real world projects that would strengthen my skills. Also looking to have tech chats and network. Any help would be highly appreciated.
Gareth Coleman
Hi! Came across your work and want to support you. Open collector says no payment provider and I can't find your patreon, or email; hence having to post here. I am sure that once many other people hear about this, a few will also want to give a small amount of money as I do. Not sure if I'll remember to keep checking back here for your reply, pls also email to Gareth followed by the symbol then sublime.org! Much love xxx
Ryan Martel
t tfhfth
Alexander Praetorius
@garethhcoleman thank you. please try tojoin us on discord instead. https://discord.gg/DD4MsWSG3J
we have an open colective account http://opencollective.com/wizardamigos