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Apr 2016
Andrey Popp
Apr 20 2016 14:40

1) Yeah, adding types could be useful there as well

TBH I think adding just typing for nodes and not using them in libs themselves could be less useful because types will diverge from implementation easily. Annotating source code is a way bigger task.

2) I don't really much PostCSS API and have limited experience with it. Remark does much better from the point of view of AST structure. AST as plain JSON objects make much more sense to me. What I dislike a bit is how extensions are implemented — via mutating prototypes. This looks fragile. I'm not sure what to propose here though.

Anyway, I'm enjoying working with remark. Thank you!

Apr 20 2016 15:57
Right, would it make sense to publish typings for unist/mdast/&c. to npm?
remark does follow mdast though: I make sure both stay in sync
Thanks for the info and feedback Andrey! :+1: