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Aug 2017
Brendan Abbott
Aug 15 2017 08:07

Here's two new plugins:

We use remark in a bit of a convoluted way at work. We aggregate lots of project's documentation together and publish it as a single MkDocs website. Remark allows the projects to use extra syntax in their Markdown that we process once we've aggregated, but before we've converted the Markdown into HTML.

We previously using Pandoc to accomplish the same thing, but have recently moved to remark and are enjoying it.

I'm sure there's a better way to do what we've done, but we're really like the flexibility that this allows authors at the moment :smile:
There's a third plugin we'll open source shortly which is based on but more flexible, as the author can choose where the table will be placed, and it allows for multiple definitions in the same file.
Daniel Bayley
Aug 15 2017 12:30
@wooorm Yeah I did take a look at your examples, thanks… but It's a situation where a whole separate js file just for this little task is too much overkill. The plugin that @brendo is working on actually sounds very similar to what I was looking for! Maybe I can adapt that into a more general 'JSON/YAML data > Markdown table' plugin that can be run from the cli…