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Sep 2017
Sep 26 2017 15:51
Sorry, away busy working for a few days!
Well, we’re talking about your last question on GH already (thank for making the PR)
Re your first: depends on what settings you’re passing remark I think
Could you provide your code set-up?
a_b_ is emphasis in pedantic markdown, yes
Shawn Erquhart
Sep 26 2017 16:18
What I've found is that, with underlines, Remark disregards whether a word boundary exists at the beginning of an emphasis node, and also whether a word boundary exists on either side of a bold node.
Which means:
# emphasized

# not emphasized
This is using commonmark without pedantic mode, btw.
In the commonmark dingus, none of these examples are emphasized.
Sep 26 2017 16:37
Ah, yes that’s the pedantic part! In "pedantic" mode (e.g., markdown defined originally) underscores form emphasis and importance in text
It’s one of its "features"
Shawn Erquhart
Sep 26 2017 16:52
But I have pedantic turned off.
Sep 26 2017 20:09
Oh I read that as if you had pedantic on, sorry
Seems GH changed that since adopting a flavour of markdown close to commonmark, instead of their own flavour, too...
Shawn Erquhart
Sep 26 2017 20:50
GH doesn't use GH markdown anymore? :p
I already worked around it in my implementation, doesn't seem to bother folks based on the lack of issues.