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Repo info
    Tom Cavill
    Does anyone know of a fix for issue #787?
    Vladimir Rodríguez
    Rian Ariona
    hello there?
    David Sahlström
    Hi Woo!
    David Sahlström

    I'm using FlexSlider on a lot of my sites and it usually works very well - Thanks a lot!

    This time I'm trying to set up a vertical slider and it doesn't really behave as I expect.. I know the functionality is limited for vertical sliders. I followed the docs few mentions about vertical - each item have to be fixed height, no carousel, etc. The problem is, the slider never stops scrolling even when it reaches the botom of the <ul>. It just continues - only showing white space.

    How do I get around this? Is this a know issue? Couldn't find any info about it Googling for 45min.

    Thanks, David

    Philip Morkisch
    What about tryin Slick for your purpose (sorry woothemes)? It has a "vertical" option for sliders. Check: http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/
    Jeffrey Pearce
    Hi everyone, just letting you know that I am now currently working on the FlexSlider project. I've started by pushing out a fix for the Page Visibility API and have packaged the 2.3.0 branch for release. I'll be fixing more issues and closing unnecessary issues as well over the course of the next few weeks! :smile: looking forward to making it even more awesome!
    Jeffrey Pearce
    Also, bear with me as I get up to speed, there's a lot of ground to cover :)
    David Hudson
    Does anyone know if there's an event listener for FlexSlider so I can run code after a slide motion is completed?
    Tyler Smith
    @hudsonfoo you have access to before, after, and end (end of slides) hooks https://github.com/woothemes/FlexSlider/blob/master/jquery.flexslider.js#L1139
    Hi guys, I came from the github site of the flex slider to this chat. I was wondering if you can change the position of the "flex-direction-nav” before the ol of “flex-control-nav flex-control-thumbs”? Is this possible to change the position of the generated HTML?
    Tyler Smith
    @Caspert If you can't use CSS to position the elements the way you'd like, you could use the start function to re-order the elements once the slider is initiatied
    Derrick Hammer
    Does anyone not seem to care about merging the bower prs to the main repo? Im having to fork it for an app due to it still not being present..
    Jeffrey Pearce
    Hi everyone, an announcement regarding FlexSliders future development and existing GitHub Issues -> http://develop.woothemes.com/flexslider/2015/03/18/flexslider-future-forecasting/ also, we will be using this blog going forward for any announcements about the library!
    Tyler Smith
    @jeffikus nice! :)
    Victor M Ruiz
    Hi everyone I been Love the new updates with flex slider. My question is I'm targeting the slider url from the homepage to direct me to that specific slider. It takes me to the slide but the icons underneath don't match the slider on top.
    This is what I have for the js:
    var index = 0, hash = window.location.hash;
    if (hash) {
        index = /\d+/.exec(hash)[0];
        index = (parseInt(index) || 1) - 1;
        animation: "slide",
        controlNav: false,
        animationLoop: false,
        slideshow: false,
        directionNav: false,
        startAt: index, //now foo.html#3 will load item 3
            window.location.hash = slider.currentSlide+1;
            //now when you navigate, your location updates in the URL
        animation: "slide",
        controlNav: false,
        animationLoop: false,
        slideshow: false,
        prevText: "<i class='fa fa-caret-left fa-lg'></i>",
        nextText: "<i class='fa fa-caret-right fa-lg'></i>",
        itemWidth: 175,
        itemMargin: 0,
        minItems: 1,
        maxItems: 5,
        asNavFor: '#peopleslider'
    How do I link the #peopleslider to #carousel if I add the sync function it breaks it. Any thoughts??
    Heidi Jermyn
    Hi all, has anyone managed to come with a solution to putting the thumbnail navigation to the right hand side of the slider show? I have tried with css but not getting too far - is it possible?
    Tyler Smith
    @heidipj that might be most dependent on whether your thumbnail navigation needs to slide/scroll as well. if it doesn't need to slide, that should be definitely possible through a mixture of absolute positioning and padding on your slider container.
    Heidi Jermyn
    Hi @mbmufffin :) Thumnail navigation will have a restricted number of items - so need need for that bit to scroll. I am not a complete idiot when it comes to CSS - but I'd been tweaking it and wasn't getting anywhere with it. I wondered if anyone had actually achieved it...
    Tyler Smith
    @heidipj hi :) if you can muster a jsfiddle to show me whereabouts you're at with the code, I could poke at it.
    hi, can flexslider add some text at the pic ?
    Heidi Jermyn
    @mbmufffin thanks for offer of help - I've decided to go a different route :)
    Mochamad Iqbal Dwi Cahyo

    there's a bug that check the .flexslider container width instead .flex-viewport

    if someone try to customize the .flex-viewport manually (custom width)
    the default viewport just check the .flexslider width, not the .flex-viewport

    .flexslider = 953
    .flex-viewport = 289

    transform: translate3d(-289px, 0px, 0px)

    Jeffrey Pearce
    Hi guys, just letting you know I'm on leave for a week -> http://develop.woothemes.com/flexslider/2015/04/24/flexslider-milestone-2-5-0-update/
    Mochamad Iqbal Dwi Cahyo

    hello guys, any thought how to hide flex-prev on the first slide / flex-next on the last slide?

    I'm using start() callback, it worked. but it didn't going well when I did this:

    first slide (the flex-prev is gone :smile: ) -> click next -> and then, click prev (the flex-prev is there)

    Benedikt Gregor
    why not by using the assigned css .flex-disabled ?
    Vassil Vassilev
    Hi, I'd like to disable flexslider mouse wheel events until it gets clicked on. Is that possible?
    This message was deleted
    How can I make an event handler for mouseenter&mouseleave for each slide. I use jquery event but sometimes the mouseleave is not working or is working after some minutes. What I'm doing wrong?
    Kyle Bamping
    Hi, here's a silly question: Is FlexSlider usable in WordPress as a plugin?
    Clay Reiche
    Uggh... been fighting this for days. I am dynamically loading images from multiple ajax calls, I have gotten the slider and carousel to load properly but the "asNavFor" has broken
    slider and carousel are sync'd fine, I just can't click on the carousel images and have the slider animate to the proper image
    ...anyone have any ideas?
    Raymon S
    I have something to add for the readme file.... It is for RTL support. Some flexsliders doesn't work with the <body dir="rtl">.... So you can fix that via:
    body[dir="rtl"] .flexslider {
    direction: ltr;
    I didn't saw that in the readme ;)
    How i use Masonry in my aurelia application?
    Rishabh Gupta
    Hi can anyone post a sample fiddle example of this slider ?
    Mohammed Shannaq
    Hello, it there any possible way to show the images in flexSlider from right to left
    How can I get images the same height ?
    At the moment `itemWidth is used
    but images are shown in distinguish sizes
    WP Themes
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    hello guys