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Repo info
    Victor M Ruiz
    This is what I have for the js:
    var index = 0, hash = window.location.hash;
    if (hash) {
        index = /\d+/.exec(hash)[0];
        index = (parseInt(index) || 1) - 1;
        animation: "slide",
        controlNav: false,
        animationLoop: false,
        slideshow: false,
        directionNav: false,
        startAt: index, //now foo.html#3 will load item 3
            window.location.hash = slider.currentSlide+1;
            //now when you navigate, your location updates in the URL
        animation: "slide",
        controlNav: false,
        animationLoop: false,
        slideshow: false,
        prevText: "<i class='fa fa-caret-left fa-lg'></i>",
        nextText: "<i class='fa fa-caret-right fa-lg'></i>",
        itemWidth: 175,
        itemMargin: 0,
        minItems: 1,
        maxItems: 5,
        asNavFor: '#peopleslider'
    How do I link the #peopleslider to #carousel if I add the sync function it breaks it. Any thoughts??
    Heidi Jermyn
    Hi all, has anyone managed to come with a solution to putting the thumbnail navigation to the right hand side of the slider show? I have tried with css but not getting too far - is it possible?
    Tyler Smith
    @heidipj that might be most dependent on whether your thumbnail navigation needs to slide/scroll as well. if it doesn't need to slide, that should be definitely possible through a mixture of absolute positioning and padding on your slider container.
    Heidi Jermyn
    Hi @mbmufffin :) Thumnail navigation will have a restricted number of items - so need need for that bit to scroll. I am not a complete idiot when it comes to CSS - but I'd been tweaking it and wasn't getting anywhere with it. I wondered if anyone had actually achieved it...
    Tyler Smith
    @heidipj hi :) if you can muster a jsfiddle to show me whereabouts you're at with the code, I could poke at it.
    hi, can flexslider add some text at the pic ?
    Heidi Jermyn
    @mbmufffin thanks for offer of help - I've decided to go a different route :)
    Mochamad Iqbal Dwi Cahyo

    there's a bug that check the .flexslider container width instead .flex-viewport

    if someone try to customize the .flex-viewport manually (custom width)
    the default viewport just check the .flexslider width, not the .flex-viewport

    .flexslider = 953
    .flex-viewport = 289

    transform: translate3d(-289px, 0px, 0px)

    Jeffrey Pearce
    Hi guys, just letting you know I'm on leave for a week -> http://develop.woothemes.com/flexslider/2015/04/24/flexslider-milestone-2-5-0-update/
    Mochamad Iqbal Dwi Cahyo

    hello guys, any thought how to hide flex-prev on the first slide / flex-next on the last slide?

    I'm using start() callback, it worked. but it didn't going well when I did this:

    first slide (the flex-prev is gone :smile: ) -> click next -> and then, click prev (the flex-prev is there)

    Benedikt Gregor
    why not by using the assigned css .flex-disabled ?
    Vassil Vassilev
    Hi, I'd like to disable flexslider mouse wheel events until it gets clicked on. Is that possible?
    This message was deleted
    How can I make an event handler for mouseenter&mouseleave for each slide. I use jquery event but sometimes the mouseleave is not working or is working after some minutes. What I'm doing wrong?
    Kyle Bamping
    Hi, here's a silly question: Is FlexSlider usable in WordPress as a plugin?
    Clay Reiche
    Uggh... been fighting this for days. I am dynamically loading images from multiple ajax calls, I have gotten the slider and carousel to load properly but the "asNavFor" has broken
    slider and carousel are sync'd fine, I just can't click on the carousel images and have the slider animate to the proper image
    ...anyone have any ideas?
    Raymon S
    I have something to add for the readme file.... It is for RTL support. Some flexsliders doesn't work with the <body dir="rtl">.... So you can fix that via:
    body[dir="rtl"] .flexslider {
    direction: ltr;
    I didn't saw that in the readme ;)
    How i use Masonry in my aurelia application?
    Rishabh Gupta
    Hi can anyone post a sample fiddle example of this slider ?
    Mohammed Shannaq
    Hello, it there any possible way to show the images in flexSlider from right to left
    How can I get images the same height ?
    At the moment `itemWidth is used
    but images are shown in distinguish sizes
    WP Themes
    hi Please try newly launch SKT WordPress themes https://www.sktthemes.net
    hello guys
    nice plugin this one
    i'm just wondering if it's possible to have it working with bootstrap 4