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    If run the one-click deployment I get a working wp instance, but I cant change it.
    And when I run the custom deployment procedure, I do not get a working one.
    Philipp Heuer
    Can you be more specific with "it's not working"?
    @Amanej I can't really help you otherwise
    Hi. I cant add new plugin right after installation cause there's no 'add new' option under 'plugins' menu item (actually 'plugins' item has no items at all)
    Paul Bearne
    HI Guys
    Having a problem add a custom endpoint
    add_rewrite_rule( '^fluid/completed?([^/]+)', 'index.php?fluid_completed=1&fluid-data&$matches[1]', 'top' );
    This working on my local VVV install but when I copied the plugin the Heroku server I get 404 for the root
    I have reload the permalinks etc.
    Do you know what I have missed?
    Paul Bearne
    I am seeing a problem we stanard root as well is 404
    dropped in the rewrite rules inspector and is saying Some rewrite rules may be missing, try flushing.
    half the root are "missing"
    Philipp Heuer
    @n8m You can't install plugins in the traditinal way, look up the install plugins page in the wiki.
    @pbearne You need to set your custom rewrite rules in config/heroku/nginx.conf
    be sure to @ mention me if you post questions or im not getting the notification
    @PhilippHeuer Hello, how do I update bedrock? I have been using wordpress-heroku for a few months and I love it, thank you for it. I use composer to update and modify things all the time. However, as I learned more I decided I ought to invest into learning how the boilerplate should be updated. If not I guess I would depend on you guys to update it! ✍
    Philipp Heuer
    @YouDontKnowShow We should work on that together and update it in the repository so that everyone can use it. I just take a look at bedrock and only use the needed changes based on my knowledge of the template. But bedrock doesnt have a lot of changes except for updating dependencies (fe. wordpress)
    hi everyone
    when i start the app, already have a wordpress page created. How I know my login and password?
    Philipp Heuer
    how did you deploy it?
    custom or with the button?
    The button
    Philipp Heuer
    @cvmirhib ;)
    make sure you dont fill that field and you will get to the default setup page
    Is there any way that the repo for wordpress be updated to wordpress 5.3? i try to deploy this repo 'wordpress-heroku' and when i log into wordpress, it continues to tell me that wordpress 5.3 is available.
    @PhilippHeuer please see message above