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    Atanas Angelov
    Hi @davexpression , at the very least I'm going to need the stack trace in order to help.
    Jennifer Eberlei

    Hi, I tried to add woocommerce styles to the theme seperately from admin|frontend|login and edited the config.json and the AssetsServiceProvider.php like this:

      "bundles": [


         * Enqueue woocommerce assets.
         * @return void
        public function enqueueWoocommerceAssets() {
            // Enqueue scripts.
                \Racom::core()->assets()->getBundleUrl( 'woocommerce', '.js' ),
                [ 'jquery' ],
            // Enqueue styles.
            $style = \Racom::core()->assets()->getBundleUrl( 'woocommerce', '.css' );
            if ( $style ) {
            // Enqueue theme's style.css file to allow overrides for the bundled styles.
            \Racom::core()->assets()->enqueueStyle( 'theme-woocommerce-styles', get_template_directory_uri() . '/woocommerce.css' );
    but only the woocommerce.js is being processed on yarn build, i don't get a theme-woocommerce.css even though I created the corresponding files in ressources/styles/woocommerce/index.scss
    so I wonder if I missed a configuration?
    I looked into the webpack build files and could't find any hint on where else I would have to configure
    Atanas Angelov
    Could you paste the contents of your woocommerce.js file? On the top of my head the most likely cause is that your css/scss is not imported in it.
    Branislav Stojanovic

    @atanas-dev Great work and thanks a lot for the framework. Looking forward to use it on my projects. Can somebody help me with why I am getting "Unknown named parameter $post_id" when post_id has been matched in web.php? Same for post_slug, post_status...

    Error thrown with message "Unknown named parameter $post_id"

    #20 Error in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Kernels/HttpKernel.php:177
    #19 call_user_func_array in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Kernels/HttpKernel.php:177
    #18 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:executeHandler in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Kernels/HttpKernel.php:205
    #17 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:WPEmerge\Kernels\{closure} in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Middleware/ExecutesMiddlewareTrait.php:40
    #16 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:executeMiddleware in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Middleware/ExecutesMiddlewareTrait.php:44
    #15 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:WPEmerge\Middleware\{closure} in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Input/OldInputMiddleware.php:44
    #14 WPEmerge\Input\OldInputMiddleware:handle in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Middleware/ExecutesMiddlewareTrait.php:53
    #13 call_user_func_array in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Middleware/ExecutesMiddlewareTrait.php:53
    #12 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:executeMiddleware in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Middleware/ExecutesMiddlewareTrait.php:44
    #11 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:WPEmerge\Middleware\{closure} in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Flash/FlashMiddleware.php:40
    #10 WPEmerge\Flash\FlashMiddleware:handle in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Middleware/ExecutesMiddlewareTrait.php:53
    #9 call_user_func_array in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Middleware/ExecutesMiddlewareTrait.php:53
    #8 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:executeMiddleware in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Kernels/HttpKernel.php:206
    #7 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:run in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Kernels/HttpKernel.php:237
    #6 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:handle in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-content/themes/podmaine/vendor/htmlburger/wpemerge/src/Kernels/HttpKernel.php:332
    #5 WPEmerge\Kernels\HttpKernel:filterTemplateInclude in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:292
    #4 WP_Hook:apply_filters in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-includes/plugin.php:212
    #3 apply_filters in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-includes/template-loader.php:104
    #2 require_once in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/wp-blog-header.php:19
    #1 require in /Users/banestojanovic/Code/Manastiri/podmaine/index.php:17
    #0 require in /Users/banestojanovic/.composer/vendor/laravel/valet/server.php:219
    Atanas Angelov
    Hi @djex808 ,
    This looks like a PHP 8 issue - do you mind sharing your route definition that triggers this error?
    Branislav Stojanovic
    @atanas-dev You were completely right as it was indeed PHP 8 issue. I forgot to change the PHP version in valet - didn't even knew that I could do it there to be honest and it kept loading version 8 while terminal kept displaying 7.4.16. Sorry for the trouble :)
    Atanas Angelov
    No worries - while PHP 8 is still not officially supported it should be so in the near future.
    David Towoju

    Hi @davexpression , at the very least I'm going to need the stack trace in order to help.

    It's a PHP 8 issue, it works in PHP 7

    Calvin Alkan

    @atanas-dev Hello Atanas, I can't get JSON responses to work for web request. The header is always empty. I debugged the entire HTTP Kernel.

    For example:

    App::json(['foo' => 'bar'])

    renders correctly in the browser. But the header is empty. Ie content type is not set to application/json altought the kernel supposedly called `sentHeaders()``

    Atanas Angelov

    Hi @calvinalkan m

    Just to be absolutely sure the header is missing, could you please run this and paste the results:

    Calvin Alkan
    Hi @atanas-dev . It was a weird issue with some chrome extension I had installed that for some reason in chrome dev tools headers where not reported and that prevented the json form being rendered as json. curl -i gives the correct output and Mozilla also renders it as json. All good :)
    Calvin Alkan
    @atanas-dev I think it might be worth adding to the docs, that in order for admin routes to work that one has to define a callback in add_menu_page
    // This will not work
    add_menu_page( 'test', 'test' , 'manage_options', 'test' );
    // Forth parameter is optional in Wordpress but its needed to work correctly
    add_menu_page( 'test', 'test' , 'manage_options','test',  function () {
                    // Nothing.
    If you skip this Wordpress will not fire the hooks wpemerge relies on admin requests
    Atanas Angelov
    This message was deleted
    Interesting - I'll look into it
    Calvin Alkan

    The reason for this is that inside wp-admin/admin.php Wordpress checks if there is a hook callback registered for the current plugin page. If no hook is present it takes a different path inside the gigantic if elseif statement that wp-admin/admin.php is.

    Instead of dispatching the normal hooks wordpress then tries to load the content from a plugin file and if it cant find any matching file an error is thrown.

    And that hook only gets added if you add a callback to add_menu_page. Annoying.
    Calvin Alkan

    @atanas-dev Can you explain what is ment by this in the docs

    "You should use query() on routes which do not match any valid WordPress URL or your WP Query will consider the request as a 404 - Not Found. You can find more information on this in the dedicated Query API blog post."

    What is considered a "valid Wordpress Url"
    Calvin Alkan

    Am I right that the only reason for using query() is to have to global WP_QUERY query posts correctly?.

    Because thats the only use case I can see. If I dont need WP_QUERY ( which I dont ) I cant see any benefit over just composing everything with controllers and views.

    Atanas Angelov
    Basically, yes.
    There's benefit in having custom URLs be associated with a given post in the case where you want to not have to do extra work for meta/SEO/third party plugin integrations to work on your custom URL.
    There's also the use case of modifying a query for an archive page to show a subset of the posts based on some arbitrary custom logic, for example.
    You could do a /random endpoint that uses ->query() to make the global $wp_query load a random post, for example. While not practical it just shows that there are some extra cases where it can be useful.
    Calvin Alkan

    I see, this then also means that any conditions that use WP_QUERY like post_id condition or post_type condition only work when using query() in the route.

    Which makes sense. Thanks for the clarification

    Atanas Angelov
    No, quite the opposite actually. Conditions that rely on WP_Query (post_id, post_type etc.) can't have ->query() called on them because the conditions require the query to have been executed in order to match (i.e. you can't test against the current post id if the main query hasn't resolved what the current post is yet).
    By default, ->query() usage is limited to the url route condition only as that condition can be evaluated before the main WP_Query has executed.
    Here's an example of what a normal post_id route looks like:
    App::route()->any()->where( 'post_id', get_option( 'my_special_page_id' ) )->handle( 'MyController::myMethod' );
    Calvin Alkan
    Yea, I misphrased my thoughts a bit. I ment that all of these conditions will not work if the url you are routing to is not a "normal" Wordpress URL
    Atanas Angelov
    Yep :)
    except is_404 I guess :D
    Calvin Alkan

    the condition

    \App::route()->get()->where( 'query_var', 's' )->handle( $handler );

    Only matches default query vars defined in WP_QUERY right?

    Something like this did not work for me for "non WP Urls".


    Atanas Angelov
    'query_var' uses get_query_var() so it matches its' behavior
    Calvin Alkan

    got it.

    Im customizing wpemerge more and more to fit my own needs for a big project.

    Im very curious about one thing. When you generate an url condition why do you sha1 the placeholders?

    Atanas Angelov
    Honestly it's been quite some time since I wrote that so I can't tell from the top of my head. Most likely, to avoid preg_quote()-ing the special characters in the parameter syntax used in the url at that stage
    Calvin Alkan
    have you ever considered more performant regex routers like FastRoute which would built the regex in one shot instead of all individually or do you think performance gains would be non noticeable respecting all the WP overhead anyway?
    Atanas Angelov
    I have. I believe there were some limitations last time I checked in terms of possible features and general support - nikic/FastRoute#173
    The common case should be that WP conditions are used (post_id, post_template etc.) rather than custom URL ones so in general this is not too much of a focus for me (unless an obvious performance bottleneck is demonstrated, of course).
    If someone is so inclined, I'm sure there's a way to sneak in a custom solution which passes routes with UrlCondition conditions to FastRoute. Not sure if ::routeUrl() will work though, since reverse construction is not supported in FastRoute
    As for the current performance in WP Emerge - I have not benchmarked it against other solutions but I doubt there's a significant difference in performance when dealing with less than 100 routes, for example, which is the common case.
    Atanas Angelov
    Benchmarking would also not be too accurate since the WP Emerge router supports more than just plain URLs as it covers WP-specific needs thus changing how the whole thing works internally (e.g. the whole route condition abstraction is not present in other URL-only solutions).
    Calvin Alkan

    @atanas-dev FastRoute is still maintained and in fact 2.0 is soon to be released. Nevertheless 1.3 is stable and feature complete. Lumen, Slim and other still use it.

    I could not resist myself and got this done. I have a working version locally which works like this now: ( note that this is basically a complete rewrite of the router and condition factory. )

    • UrlConditions are not needed anymore. They are replaced by FastRoute.
    • All Routing features are still available
    • When a request is dispatched first, the url is matched with FastRoute. Then custom "wp conditions" are evaluated.
    • The router now works with a RouteCollection that is cacheable like in laravel. So neither WpEmerge nor FastRoute will be processing any route creation in production.
    • Everything is lazy loaded and resolved from the service container. Handlers, Middleware and Conditions are only instantiated when a route has matched. Right now as things are all custom conditions get created for every route on every request.
    • Reverse routing to named routes works just like before.

    I assume performance will be a lot higher for sites with many routes but I dont have the time to benchmark things right now and Im also not that experienced in setting up proper benchmarking.

    Ofc I dont have any expectations of this being merged ever ( required php 7.3 ) but Ill share you the repo if you want when Im done, maybe you ll find some ideas for WPEmerge aswell.

    Hello here ! There is a function to get a custom post type inside a shortcode ? (or good old wpquery ?)
    I also had a question about controllers, how to use them in WordPress? In what cases can they be used?
    Atanas Angelov
    Hi @Romaixn ,
    No, there's no special added functionality for this - WP_Query is the way to go.
    Controllers are used to do any extra request validation or processing for custom routes. More information can be found here: https://docs.wpemerge.com/#/framework/routing/defining-routes
    @calvinalkan happy to hear you got it to work. Feel free to share the repo if you'd like :)
    Calvin Alkan
    @atanas-dev I ll share it when I consider it production ready :) Still some things left and I need to look for a way to implement query() routes.

    Right now I have a suggestion for you tho, maybe you overlooked this at first.

    Whoops has an option to open files directly in the editor of your choice.

    Its as simple as doing this.


    Might be a nice addition, the value would then come from the user config of course