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<TheLastPredator> thank you so much it works thank you
<morsisko> 👍
<Yakov> Or you can enable in Options->Disasm that double clicking the instruction assembles it
<darklord9899™> Hello
<darklord9899™> I uninstalled everything but i still have debug with x64dbg how do i remove this?
<morsisko> how did you "uninstall" it?
<darklord9899™> No idea
<darklord9899™> Try control center
<morsisko> well you said you uninstalled it
<morsisko> thats why I ask
<darklord9899™> Idk how to remove the debug with x64dbg option tho
<morsisko> I believe you need to run "x96dbg.exe" and deny all the messageboxes
<morsisko> I don't think you will find x64dbg in control center
<morsisko> and there is no installation of it, you just extract the zip and thats all
<darklord9899™> Hmm
<Nukem> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/x64dbg/x64dbg/development/bin/x64dbg_shell_remove.reg <- run this or delete the specific registry keys
<darklord9899™> Well ive deleted the folder
<darklord9899™> Doe I delete the entire folder of exefile or just debug with x64
<morsisko> delete the entire folder and run that .reg file posted by Nukem
<darklord9899™> How i run it
<morsisko> click it twice
<darklord9899™> it sends me to a link
<morsisko> download it first...
<darklord9899™> How?
<darklord9899™> this all it says

<darklord9899™> Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\Debug with x64_dbg]

[-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\Debug with x64_dbg]

[-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\Debug with x64dbg]

[-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\Debug with x64dbg]

<morsisko> yeah
<morsisko> save it on your drive and execute it
<darklord9899™> How?
<morsisko> how were you able to download the software itself lol
<darklord9899™> Normal github
<morsisko> open the link and press ctrl+s
<darklord9899™> Ok
<darklord9899™> Saved as a .txt
<morsisko> save it as .reg
<darklord9899™> ok
<darklord9899™> okay! thanks
<morsisko> 👍
<darklord9899™> My computer is now on fire
<darklord9899™> What did that do?
<morsisko> it deleted four registry keys
<darklord9899™> brb
<darklord9899™> Computer on fire
<morsisko> that was responsible for displaying the "Debug with x64dbg" in context menu
<darklord9899™> My computer was smoking
<darklord9899™> I put it outside
<morsisko> my bad, it was too obvious after the "how i run it"
<mrexodia> @darklord9899™ read http://faq.x64dbg.com
<mrexodia> :kekw: