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<Atn> this script will search for sequence off commands.
<Atn> this apply on next version of this plugin ,
<Atn> I will upload it tommorrow
<SunBeam> alrighty 🙂
<SunBeam> I am around if you want me to test
<SunBeam> ^
<SunBeam> you have to understand I am using Discord and can't see any script you may have pasted
<SunBeam> you wrote twice "this script will do this" and I can't see any script
<Atn> that what I thought too
<SunBeam> yeah, sorry
<Atn> I post a picture
<SunBeam> sure thing; or a link to pastebin should do
<SunBeam> thank you
<SunBeam> and this script has to be run in...?
<Atn> where I can upload gif file as a guest
<SunBeam> I doubt it's in x64dbg > Script
<Atn> no
<SunBeam> imgur
<Atn> no u have to use this plugin
<Atn> but u have to wait till tomorrow I am still update the some extra functions
<SunBeam> sure thing, will wait 😉
<SunBeam> looks very very nice
<SunBeam> I am assuming I'm now talking to Mr. Ahmad 🙂
<SunBeam> nice to meet you
<Atn> check this
<Atn> thanks and nice to meet u
<Atn> man I have known u from a long time
<Atn> maybe u forget
<SunBeam> I know you too 😄
<SunBeam> just by name
<SunBeam> long time RE-ing in various places 😛
<SunBeam> exetools, unpack.cn, etc. 😄
<Atn> hehehe no issue 😊
<SunBeam> arteam
<SunBeam> time flies
<Atn> yap long time ago
<SunBeam> you brought me back some good ol' memories 😄
<Atn> me too when I see ur name first time here
<SunBeam> awesomeness!! this is exactly what I'd wanted 😉
<Atn> good to know that
<Atn> just till tomorrow and I will upload the files
<SunBeam> sure thing, will do 👍
<Atn> have to go to sleep cya tomorrow
<SunBeam> nighty night
<Atn> 👋