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<mrexodia> I don’t think it’s called
<EvilSapphire> What do you mean?
<EvilSapphire> It definitely registers a menu
<EvilSapphire> With menu entries for about, injection etc
<EvilSapphire> With the entry ids that are checked with a switch case on the callback CB_MENUENTRY registered function
<EvilSapphire> From what you guys say I'm doubtful execution would even reach the default case (re @EvilSapphire: In scyllahide the CB_MENUENTRY function checks for the passed hEntry via a switch case and there's cases for the registered entries, but also a default case where the actual hookdll injection happens)
<EvilSapphire> Registering the menus with the MENU_* entries:
<mrexodia> Yeah that’s what I meant (re @EvilSapphire: From what you guys say I'm doubtful execution would even reach the default case)
<mrexodia> The MENU_XXX will be in the hEntry
<mrexodia> But there’s no default case iirc
<mrfearless> maybe if hEntry is 0?
<mrfearless> but seems unlikely
<EvilSapphire> When will hEntry be zero?
<mrfearless> not sure, just throwing out an idea
<mrexodia> If your MENU_xxx == 0 (re @EvilSapphire: When will hEntry be zero?)
<mrfearless> yeh true
<EvilSapphire> Yeah but these 3 are the entries registered by scyllahide:
<mrexodia> No, those are the callbacks
<EvilSapphire> And this callback switch case handles each of the registered entries:
<EvilSapphire> Oh sorry
<EvilSapphire> Wrong screenshot
<EvilSapphire> Wait
<mrexodia> Hm
<mrexodia> This is very weird
<EvilSapphire> These are the registered entries
<mrexodia> Ahhh
<mrexodia> So default
<mrexodia> Is the profile menus
<EvilSapphire> Oh crap
<EvilSapphire> Yes yes
<EvilSapphire> So scyllahide supports profiles too? The hell that means
<EvilSapphire> As if the plugin wasn't complicated enough
<EvilSapphire> Thanks Duncan!
<mrexodia> There are much simpler plugins ^^ (re @EvilSapphire: As if the plugin wasn't complicated enough)
<EvilSapphire> For anti anti debug?
<EvilSapphire> Better than scyllahide?
<mrfearless> so instead of an if/else or a switch/case specifying the menu profile option its just assuming the last option
<mrfearless> or default option
<EvilSapphire> Yeah they just take care of the profiles. No idea what that means though
<EvilSapphire> Why the actual injection would happen in these so called profiles is beyond ne
<mrexodia> Different settings for different protections
<mrexodia> It doesn’t just happen there (re @EvilSapphire: Why the actual injection would happen in these so called profiles is beyond ne)
<mrexodia> It also happens in another place
<mrexodia> But if you change the profile the injection happens again
<EvilSapphire> Ohh okay
<EvilSapphire> Yes I also saw it happens inside the debugloop callback function when the process is created
<EvilSapphire> Did you guys develop scyllahide?
<mrexodia> No, I just made some minor fixes
<EvilSapphire> I'm reading through the code and trying to understand exactly how it works right now