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<mrexodia> Otherwise you’ll get clapped
hi @mrexodia I thought Gitter was broken
<TomieKawakami> found it @Matti
<TomieKawakami> i got a working sample
<Matti> hahaha
<Matti> that's interesting
<Matti> I guess that counts as a bug
<Matti> though I don't know if I can fix it
<Matti> it may depend on what VMP 3 thinks about the changes needed
<TomieKawakami> i will upload the sample
<TomieKawakami> i also made a simple crack me
<TomieKawakami> just for fun
<Matti> because the latest version of anything will basically take priority
<Matti> in practice scyllahide should probably support older protectors as well
<Matti> but I don't test it
<Matti> and people can always download an older version
<TomieKawakami> v2 10kb of xD simple console = 900kb + while v3 makes 4mb xD yet anti debug on v2 is still slap
<TomieKawakami> lots of other company still uses the old one.. i guess its pricy xD
<Matti> hmm, depends on the company I guess
<Matti> it's $500 per year for a professional edition company license
<Matti> no wait
<Matti> 500 first purchase, then 200 a year after that
<Matti> it's $1000 for ultimate
<Matti> whether you need ultimate depends on whether you need to support license keys basically I think
<Matti> for obfuscation or anti-debugging there's no difference
<Matti> tbh for most companies I know, that really isn't much
<TomieKawakami> @Matti https://disk.yandex.com/d/Dqk1qhxj6YV6cQ 🙂 the crack me sample xD that i made .. pass: test
<Matti> ok
<Matti> for scyllahide, could you make an issue please?
<TomieKawakami> v3 and v2 ... vmprotect version is there.. maybe u can compare why it dint work
<TomieKawakami> on v2
<TomieKawakami> sure sure
<Matti> otherwise I will lose track
<Matti> there's also an open one for v3 I think
<Matti> so that'll be interesting
<TomieKawakami> done
<Matti> thanks!
<the_janitor> @Matti if it helps troubleshooting: SharpOD works fine with any vmp 3+ that i had to deal with
<Matti> oh
<Matti> thanks, but I just looked at the VMP 3 issue and I doubt it'll be needed
<Matti> it's made by a guy who sometimes makes uh, rather... quirky bug reports/issues
<Matti> I don't know how else to describe it
<Matti> and insists on using ollydbg, which is fine I guess but I'm personally not super interested in maintaining support for it
<Matti> I try to fix bugs if they're reported but that's basically it
<Matti> in this case it's almost certainly something ollydbg is doing that x64dbg users don't have problems with
<the_janitor> i see...wow ollydbg, guess 32b is still alive and kicking
<Matti> yeah heh
<Matti> I wonder what he does when he needs to debug a 64 bit program?
<Matti> maybe he just runs a 32 bit OS