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Repo info
    copied almost 1:1 (only translated some of the stuff he does in xaml to c#)
    Clifford Agius
    There is an active slack channel head over and join us there.


    Good morning, Here's a simple class to add many themes to your app .

    That's pretty cool
    @pm64 thanks
    Hi Everyone, anyone tell me how to get the picker value into xamarin mobile app -
    public ICommand BtnSubmitCommand => new Command(async () =>
    2 replies
    I need the picker value into ViewModel Command.
    Alessandro Caliaro

    another dumb question.
    How do you translate <RowDefinition Height="*" /> to c# ?

    Something like new RowDefinition(){Height = new GridLength.....

    Grid grid = new Grid
    RowDefinitions =
    new RowDefinition { Height = new GridLength(2, GridUnitType.Star) },
    hey all 🤔
    so there is something called Gitter ha ..
    good to know
    could I develop an app based on Xamarin that can run on android, ios and chromeOS as cross-platform terms?
    Ahmidi Mohamed
    Hy Community Xam
    Ahmed Aderopo Alejo


    could I develop an app based on Xamarin that can run on android, ios and chromeOS as cross-platform terms?

    It should be possible as ChromeOS does run Android apps, with a modified AndroidManifest.xml
    refer to the following

    Ahmed Aderopo Alejo
    programador 1
    Hi, can i add React Native to my Xamarin project?
    Hi everyone. I am developing Xamarin.Forms app with shell. But I can't appy custom colors for Tabbar. Please help me. :)
    Paul Muia
    Hi Everyone ... Just updated my VS2019 and am not able to build the Xamarin.Android below is the error Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
    Error System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path.
    at System.IO.Path.CheckInvalidPathChars(String path, Boolean checkAdditional)
    at System.IO.Path.Combine(String path1, String path2)
    at Xamarin.Android.Tools.ProcessUtils.<FindExecutablesInDirectory>d9.MoveNext() in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/278/s/xamarin-android/external/xamarin-android-tools/src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdk/ProcessUtils.cs:line 177
    at Xamarin.Android.Tools.ProcessUtils.<FindExecutablesInPath>d
    8.MoveNext() in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/278/s/xamarin-android/external/xamarin-android-tools/src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdk/ProcessUtils.cs:line 168
    at Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdkBase.<GetAllAvailableAndroidNdks>d73.MoveNext() in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/278/s/xamarin-android/external/xamarin-android-tools/src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdk/Sdks/AndroidSdkBase.cs:line 153
    at Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdkWindows.<GetAllAvailableAndroidNdks>d
    43.MoveNext() in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/278/s/xamarin-android/external/xamarin-android-tools/src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdk/Sdks/AndroidSdkWindows.cs:line 257
    at Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdkBase.GetValidNdkPath(String ctorParam) in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/278/s/xamarin-android/external/xamarin-android-tools/src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdk/Sdks/AndroidSdkBase.cs:line 128
    at Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdkBase.Initialize(String androidSdkPath, String androidNdkPath, String javaSdkPath) in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/278/s/xamarin-android/external/xamarin-android-tools/src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdk/Sdks/AndroidSdkBase.cs:line 71
    at Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdkWindows.Initialize(String androidSdkPath, String androidNdkPath, String javaSdkPath) in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/278/s/xamarin-android/external/xamarin-android-tools/src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdk/Sdks/AndroidSdkWindows.cs:line 310
    at Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdkInfo..ctor(Action`2 logger, String androidSdkPath, String androidNdkPath, String javaSdkPath) in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/278/s/xamarin-android/external/xamarin-android-tools/src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.AndroidSdk/AndroidSdkInfo.cs:line 18
    at Xamarin.Android.Tasks.MonoAndroidHelper.RefreshAndroidSdk(String sdkPath, String ndkPath, String javaPath, TaskLoggingHelper logHelper)
    at Xamarin.Android.Tasks.ResolveSdks.RunTask()
    at Xamarin.Android.Tasks.AndroidTask.Execute() SimplePOS.Android
    Ibrahim Ahmed Badr
    hello guys
    I have a problem with Xamarin Previewer
    It's Missing
    Muhammd Majid
    how to reduce app size in xamarin ?
    i have POS , and need to deliver app via network.
    is it possible less than 10 mb
    we are building billing app
    Ahmidi Mohamed
    I want source for otp activation plzz
    Hi guys. I have a flyoutpage with a toolbar. I have set the toolbar color to from its default value blue to ”Red” although when press the other pages in my flyoutmenuitems and go back the color chamges back from r”Red” to default blue. Does anyone know why?

    Hi. Having trouble downloading from https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/

    Can someone confirm if it the same behaviour from their end?
    All SDK downloads wont start

    Pavel Anpin

    how to reduce app size in xamarin ?

    have you tried linking? 10mb is not possible I believe

    Jakub Strzelecki
    Hey is it possible to develop xamarin on linux?
    I am still waiting for my cheap gpu to passthrough to windows 10 vms to come, couldn't stand android ui framework bits
    Jakub Strzelecki
    I guess I can try maui
    i am not able to see xaml page preview in vs 2019 pls help me...
    Hey all, strange Xamarin.Forms issue when testing the iOS version of my app: "Cannot access a disposed object" I have an unhelpful stack trace, and little else .. is there anything I should look for in my Xamarin.Forms layouts etc. that might account for this exception?
    Cannot access a disposed object.
    Object name: 'TelerikUI.TKSlideView'.
    Nipun Kalra
    Hi Everyone, I want to implement Biometric Login in my app. My Login page is a web view served from Idp. I have used Plugin fingerprint in the demo app with the XAML page, which works fine.
    My question is how to invoke device biometric from Webview if I have a button with the text "Log in with Biometric", and what information is the best practice to store in Secure Storage or any other place? Thanks
    Parsa Gachkar
    hi just a quick question how do you guys build apk in Maui apps visual studio ui seems not to work!
    i'm talking about publishing a final release
    and I cant find a way to configure the signature
    Tobias Hoppenthaler
    Hey friends, any of you using dryioc zero?
    Sam Wiltshire
    Hi All, i dont suppose any of you are EU based and looking for a freelance contract - remote?
    John Gynn
    @ParatusSam_twitter . I'm a yank but do a TON of Xamarin. If you need some help, I'm at GynnJohn@Gmail.com, website: XamarinFreelancer.com. LMK
    hi guys , im facing problem when i build xamarin forms app into iphone simulator , the error is : '.dll' could not be found
    im using macbook m1 and working on vs for mac 2022
    i need some help please
    J Allen
    Is there a certain defacto standard in xamarin.forms for using OIDC? It feels like every article I come across suggests a different library, a different approach. I've read that xamarin.essentials has a slick WebAuthenticaror that looks like it should make it easy, but I haven't found a complete tutorial to make it work with a generic OIDC provider. It feels like it shouldn't be this hard. Any suggestions?