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  • May 02 2016 16:31
    @chamons banned @IfErrThrowBrick_twitter
Alexander Köplinger
@dansiegel here's a new invite that shouldn't expire: https://discord.gg/qgqQqch
Tomasz Cielecki
I have a colleague which is seeing some crashes in RayGun with only this information: NSInvalidArgumentException: *** -streamStatus only defined for abstract class. Define -[System_Net_Http_NSUrlSessionHandler_WrappedNSInputStream streamStatus]!. Has any of you seen anything like that before?
I've looked at the NSUrlSessionHandler code and can't really see there should be any problem with WrappedNSInputStream in there
thanks for the advice, these logs helped me solve my issue. another question - If i create a NSWindow in a .dynlib that i have p/invoked from main(); and use a callback to give its handle back to xam.mac - am i able somehow dereference this handle to a NSWindow somehow and work with it (ie resize, fullscreent etc)? ie. looking at the api doco i assume this function could help me NSWindow.fromWindowRef(Int.Ptr) but i havnt been able to get it working...?
Rolf Bjarne Kvinge
Use (NSWindow) ObjCRuntime.GetNSObject (ptr)
strike that
Use (NSWindow) ObjCRuntime.Runtime.GetNSObject (ptr)
thats returning null for me... seems from the doco it says "if a managed object exists". this window was created in objective-C land in the .dynlib
Rolf Bjarne Kvinge
it'll create the managed NSWindow instance if it doesn't already exist
unless ptr == IntPtr.Zero, in which case it'll return null

ok thanks for this info- i didnt know if what i was trying todo was legal. the handle i am passing definitely looks valid in the debugger - this is the callback code

i'll keep hacking at it.

was using tryget not get! and now its returned a nswindow correctly. i then do mainWin.InvokeOnMainThread(() => mainWin.ToggleFullScreen()) which throws a UI Consistancy error..? i tried multiple ways to invoke, nothing seems to come off?
Rolf Bjarne Kvinge
did you call NSApplication.Init ()?

yeh i did - but i am doing it a little later in the app bootstrapper to allow CEF to startup correctly if needs be (its a multi-process architecture that executes the host process multiple times with different commandline args and can timeout if not snappy). Could that effect Init()?

It seems like its on the correct thread to me; im doing the work in the create handler, and if i throw at that point,I can see the .dynlib createWindow in the stack. Cef has its own methods to call on the UI thread, could also try them.

If i inspect the window variable in the debugger, the debugger crashes out with the same error. I can see the correct window title on a prop before it crashes, though so it feels like its connected properly to the underling api / mac window handle on some level.
So i went ahead and integrated eto.forms where i was trying to hook into the window handling as i required it for other aspects of the application and have gotten it setup to the point where i can use its UI.Invoke methods to get my calls onto the right thread. i'll step through the source code and see how its achieving the integration, I want to understand the mechanics of whats going on here.
Rolf Bjarne Kvinge
as long as the managed NSApplication.Init () method is called before you do anything else in managed code, you should be fine
Matheus Dadalto
Anyone has any idea of how to disable this from mac/win-xamarin?
 touch ~/.mtouch-launch-with-lldb
You must now execute:
lldb -s /tmp/mtouch-lldb-prep-cmds
Rolf Bjarne Kvinge
execute rm ~/.mtouch-launch-with-lldb from a terminal
on the mac
Matheus Dadalto
worked, thanks
hello team,can you provide progress of swift binding tool
everyone I want to use camera permission on xamarin ios
I have added privacy string into info.plist but not working
i hope someone helps me. thanks guys
Chris Hamons
Friendly reminder that we've moved to https://aka.ms/dotnet-discord and most folks won't be checking here in the future.
Francisco Moraes
how can I fix this?
/Users/fmoraes/Projects/TestApp/TestApp.Mac/TestApp.Mac.csproj(101,11): error MSB4226: The imported project "/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/6.12.0/lib/mono/xbuild/Xamarin/Mac/Xamarin.Mac.CSharp.targets" was not found. Also, tried to find "Xamarin/Mac/Xamarin.Mac.CSharp.targets" in the fallback search path(s) for $(MSBuildExtensionsPath) - "/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild/" and "/Applications/Visual Studio.app/Contents/Resources/lib/monodevelop/AddIns/docker/MonoDevelop.Docker/MSbuild" . These search paths are defined in "/Users/fmoraes/Library/Caches/VisualStudio/8.0/MSBuild/35979_1/MonoDevelop.MSBuildBuilder.exe.config". Confirm that the path in the <Import> declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk in one of the search paths.
Happened after the latest upgrade of VS
Francisco Moraes
nm, reinstalling Xamarin.Mac fixed it
Hi. Is it possible to set FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS in Xamarin iOS project config?
Knock knock, anyone home? Is it safe to update XCode to 12.2 (released yesterday)?
Julio César Rocha

This forum has moved to Discord.

That said, yes. I used 12.2 yesterday for my XF project.

Thanks @JunielKatarn. What is the best channel to use in Discord? I posted to #xamarin and didn't get a response.
Hey. Any tips for getting the DeviceAgent app to install along with our Xamarin app on physical phones? We're connecting to an already installed app.
Hello! Does anybody get strange behaviour when referenced project dll is not copied to bin folder in Release mode?
What should I do with that?
error MM5312: pkg-config failed with an error code '1'
It doesn't make any sense.
And what build system does Visual Studio For Mac uses? Vstool, msbuild?
What's the difference between launching app with open -a /path/to/app and double-clicking app icon?
Our command line tool is unable to find anything it wants when just double clicking app icon.
hello,plz help,how to install for Windows in MS visual studio 2019?
can I Publish IOS App without mac pc?

Could anyone tell what is wrong?

EntryPointNotFoundException: SystemNative_LChflagsCanSetHiddenFlag
  at Interop+Sys..cctor () [0x00000] in <2340fc16524a4335b1ffb55cb251f8d6>:0 

Rethrow as TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Sys' threw an exception.
  at System.IO.FileSystem.FileExists (System.ReadOnlySpan`1[T] fullPath, System.Int32 fileType, Interop+ErrorInfo& errorInfo) [0x00007] in <2340fc16524a4335b1ffb55cb251f8d6>:0

mscorlib.dll is AOTed, other managed code interpreted, iOS

Parvez Ali
Hello everyone, I am having trouble with xamarin ios and xcode. Whenever I'm opening a storyboard in Xcode its not opening and an error message is coming that Visual studio could not communicate with Xcode.
Hey all, I know VS Win 17.0.4 supports Xcode 13.2, but does it also support Xcode 13.2.1?
Àlex Martínez Morón
Hi there! I'm trying to compile my Xamarin iOS app with an app extension (Notification Service) on Azure Pipelines, with no success...
It doesn't find the provisioning profile. Any idea? I've created an issue: microsoft/azure-pipelines-tasks#15904
Sameer Dubey
How to detect in xamarin.macos when screen capture/ recording is in progress using Anydesk or Teamviewer