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Repo info
    Valeriy Chupurnov
    Hello everybody. there may be something to offer or ask for Jodit
    Mark Waschkowski
    Hi! I've been reading the docs for a long time now but haven't found my solution. I can see from the playground that you can copy and paste and then crop images but am unsure how to configure this. If you can help me I'm happy to create a question and answer in stackoverflow (I checked there and didn't see anything...)
    as well, is there still a commercial version? I can't see any details right now and the old link is dead...
    Mark Waschkowski
    I have posted to stack overflow as well...
    Jakub Kšiňan
    Hello got a few questions, XDan are you online ??
    @xdan ?? ;)
    Lincoln Kupke
    Hi there I am using Jodit with a Typescript React app
    Do I use the React package? Does it have type definitions?
    Hi y custom js fuctions not take effect when i use jodit editor.I need to alert ther users when they reach limited words how can this achieved
    My question is how can I separate the jodit_toolbar from jodit_workplace. I want to be able to put jodit_toolbar into a different place on the page